LOA - So what IS going to happen to our beloved LOA?

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Pull_up_a_sandbag, Oct 22, 2010.

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  1. I've just heard 'a rumour' that LOA is to be ceased in April. Is this true?
  2. No you haven't.
  3. Didn't I, ok must have been the chips repeating on me. Dam!

    Nope, definatly just heard, direct from top corridor. Hopefully its just being reduced like planned, still crap though!
  4. Of course you have.
  5. Do one dill-wad, I've put this on to get some answers not to be belittled. If you have an answer then great, share it, but if not, GTF cos this is going to cost us alot of money, especially as their are less jobs for dependents and the like.
  6. If you got this pukka gen info from the "top corridor" why are you asking on here?
  7. But you already have the answers. 'Top Corridor' told you. You said so yourself.
  8. shopping in germany is cheaper than the uk

    the only thing u will suffer is buying a tax free car

    amazing how people put cars before life support

    as for a dependant with a decent jod - serve unaccompanied fella
  9. FYI - Shopping is absolutely NOT cheaper in BFG than the UK - that is what part of your LOA is calculated on.
    How the fcuk can you suffer - buying a brand new tax free car - I rather enjoyed mine.
    WTF do you mean cars before life support
    WTF is a jod
    Why would a happily married man serve unnacompanied when his employer encourages him to have his family with him. I take it from your pathetic rant that you are not BFG based, enjoying the many benefits available to those that are. Sour Grapes perchance?

    Fellas, all he asked for was a bit of help, I am all for taking the p*ss, but jesus give him a break.......
  10. someone's tired

    actually it is cheaper to shop in BFG

    You would be surprised how many toms come it saying they are skint and can i have an epic yet they drive a fiesta st

    jod - job i'm having a beer fella

    been in BFG for 22 years straight

    and the cost is off set against NAAFI prices, not german shops DD
  11. Well you wouldn’t f*cking know if it is cheaper or not then would you ^_~
  12. Don't care about what is cheaper or how goosd life is. Just trying to find out if these over paid pancil pushers, who one minute sort out a massive amount of back pay your owed, and then the next making a little mistake like not booking you back in properly so you get over paid and the likes, they're good and bad at their job. Just want to know if it is true or was the person being a 'glory rumour chod'

    So, can we have a nice respectful answer?
  13. Maybe if you show a little respect as well you chopper!

    BFG is cheaper on average than UK once you factor in the Tax-Free status, cheap restaurants, and so on. Yes, if you shop in NAAFI you are paying well over the odds (and showing that you are a chod).

    I've been back in UK for a year, after 6 years in BFG. I have far less disposable income now than I did then.
  14. so just out of interest is anyone going to answer the question whether LOA is being scrapped next year or not. seems to be alot of slagging off going on. i also heard that LOA was being scrapped next april but haven't seen anything official to back it up. so if anyone has the answer can you enlighten us please.
  15. You appear terribly confused. Within three posts you've went from not having the answer, to having the answer to mummblefuck, mumblefuck. Overpaid Pencil Pushers? You're not really a soldier are you?