LOA Shock News But No One Has Mentioned It Yet

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Vent_Tube_Tester, Sep 29, 2008.

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  1. Can't belive the German Based Bean stealers havn't mentioned the cut in LOA as stated in the Sixth Sense. 8O

    Why don't just pull out of Germany, settle in the UK :? Just think of all the money saved from all the admin costs to base the troops there. Then that money could be ploughed back into the wage packets or equipment. No need to pay for SSAFA health contract, SCE, loads of civil servant jobs, also LEC, LED wouldn't be needed. Sooner it happens the better, you know it makes sense :D
  2. You really think that would happen? :roll:
  3. Is there room to pull everyone back, with the constant selling-off of MoD property, and barracks closing.
  4. The reduction in the number of the Armed Forces is way ahead of the property sell off I'm sure.
  5. You're probably right. In 2006 there were 21,960 Army personnel stationed in BFG, that was 20% of the Army at that time. Has it declined since then?
  6. How the fuck do I know? Do I look like Comd (UKSC(G))??
  7. Yeah...we could all go on tour......
  8. Yep :geek: ! :D
  9. It will have with 4 Bde moving back and re-rolling in Catterick.
  10. I would imagine that the singlies who bought nice shiney cars based on their LOA are a bit miffed about the drop in LOA as well.
    Funny thing about the Sixth Sense was in the classifieds, the multitude of adverts that go along the lines of:

    'BMW Z4 M Roadster 3246cc, self heating seats, on board SatNav, Auto Air Con etc.... Contact Gnr Smith Tel...............'

    Big tax free cars, great while the LOA is good or until you're posted to the UK and realise how much the road tax and petrol is.
  11. Yeah but your the same age as him....... :roll:
  12. Sooner than you think Oh Lord :wink:
  13. I'm off to Osnabruck next Sunday (6th Oct) as apparently the last person out forgot to lock the bloody gates. I shall be having more than a drink or two at the Winkelhausen Ecke and reliving battles fought and hearts won. If wifi ennables I may even wax lyrical, whilst in my cups, to Arrsers everywhere, I may even raise my voice a decibel or two because fek it, even the monkeys have left now!
  14. What's the new rate then, I am away on course at the moment
  15. Most people are losing between £2-£3 per day, but it doesn't come into effect until 01 Jan 09.

    It's only money :cry: