LOA-Say it aint so!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by bigjimdangley, Dec 18, 2010.

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  1. Is it true that LOA is being got rid of next April time? I heard it was being reduced not abolished!
    Is this just a nasty rumour?
  2. it aint so ^_~
  3. Very good..
    Anyway,since I've not bothered my arse writing on arrse- until recently and it's all a bit new, please could you tell me how you get gongs up above your avatar thingy-no wah. Ebrows gen.
  4. Simply write more posts, by doing something like putting up two identical threads for example.
  5. I only put it up twice because I thought I'd appeal to a wider audience. But since you've brought it up-how many times d'reckon I'd have to put the same thread up for my first gong/to get rid of my arrse nig status?
  6. I cant remember the exact amount you need to post, but like any good walt you can take a short cut
  7. Brilliant!
    Nope Hang on. I've come on here, asked one question in three years membership and got no answers to it.
    To that end some tech has had the cheek to call me gullible- because I got wah'd -on my REME thread- so I've gone and duplicated it on here-not because I was embarrassed-honest...
    A REME tech no less.
    Avionics to boot-I think.
    But anyway, I don't see how if I go for a buy in on the chest blingy avatar thingies anyone will answer my LOA question with any coherence anyway. Plus I'd be walted right up and it'd still say junior member on the sidebar with a gong on top. That'd be like having an UNFCYP medal and a lancejack tape. Which, by the way is in no way ally.
  8. Talking to someone on the planning side in BFG, there is no appetite among the Germans for any further consolidation, they just want us to leave. The plan is, I believe to be out of Germany in 5 years time.
  9. The mayor and residents of Bergen would seem to disagree if their interviews on BFBS radio the other day are anything to go by.
    That plan I believe is symptomatic of why we (the royal we) always end up spending millions of pounds more than forecast and looking utter foolish in front of UK PLC :biggrin:
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I never understood why on a pond jump west for 6 weeks the SNCO's LOA was huge compared the the juniors, why the difference, not like they needed to entertain did they?
    Anyway when you all come back from Sausage side you wont need it!
  11. strangely LOA for Italy and Kuwait is not affected yet a singlie there is on more LOA than a pad in Germany.
  12. are you for real? of course SNCO's need more LOA in Canada because we drink far more pitchers and visit far more strip joints than the rest of ya!
  13. do you still need ration cards to buy whiskey,gin ciggies and coffee in Germany? As a sngle SNCO i couldnt use NAAFI to buy items but a married pte had full access. didnt seem worthwhile to get hitched just for that so the extra LOA stopped me crying into my beer.
  14. Ta for your reply verticalgyro,
    You make some salient points, however, I think you've got some misconceptions about why I asked in the first place.
    The reason I'm not happy about the entire LOA shebang is because I can't get a definitive answer. I realise asking on the arrse website is probably not the best way to get a straight answer-yours being the straightest- but I was just wondering whether I'd missed some definitive, printed answer somewhere (Soldier mag/Crafty etc) and thought someone might know something I may have missed. I do already have fairly reliable anecdotal evidence that it's endex for BFG LOA in April 2011 from other sources already.

    As far as I can see, LOA is/was intended to subsidise the fact that your other half will find it difficult to find work in a foreign country and/or a softner for being posted abroard. If it were to be abolished before the posts/PID's are gone in the Fatherland-it would just be a kick in the nuts. As far as I know 2005 is the begining of the final drawdown-not April 2011-especially for Armd Inf/Heavy A types (waiting for the real estate in the UK-see?).

    I'm based in the UK for the foreseeable, but I fancy one last bash at armour in BFG before the big shut down-where there is substantially more work/exercises/fun to be had than in the UK. This also used to be reflected in LOA, hence the greater amount of pay in comparison to a "mong in Aldershot," ;as,on the whole, "a mong in Paderborn," works harder in Poland/Saltau/Hohne than Salisbury/Otterburn/Castlemartin and he spends longer there.

    I also accept that we have to go with the times, and I even (reservedly) concede the point that Apache is the new CR2 in some instances. That said, think of the proffs available if you were to, "turn out the lights," in any Brit base upon final drawdown of BFG...but I digress.

    Your answer was enlightening as to your personal opinion of any other branch of the REME that isn't yours. But thankyou for taking the time to write me a reply. I'd have loved to be part of the Euro with an abolished LOA too. As I remember, a crate of Bittburger was 14 Euros in the local supermarket. About a tenner at the time and British ale is pish. I mean who can get pissed on a tenner nowdays in Blighty? 'Cept REME techs that is.....;-)
  15. I think the Mayor of MG went to the house of commons to ask that JHQ doesnt close, the Germans know that the British army pump billions into their economy and take very little out.

    Thats probably because there is less than 100 people claiming LOA in those countries

    All SNCOs can shop in the NAAFI for those items, but who would want Whiskey, Gin and fags when you can get them from your mess celler bar is alot cheaper?