LOA-Say it aint so!

Discussion in 'REME' started by bigjimdangley, Dec 17, 2010.

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  1. Is it true that LOA is being got rid of next April time? I heard it was being reduced not abolished!
    Is this just a nasty rumour?
  2. If it is a rumour, this is the best place to start it!
  3. Fair enough. Right, here goes;
    I have it on certain(ish) knowledge that LOA is being abolished early next year! THANKS DAVE!!!!
  4. My neighbour is a good mate of someone in the SPS. He heard his boss telling his wife on the telephone that it is being abolished in April next year but to compensate the loss anyone serving overseas is going to get a 25% pay rise
  5. But if that happened, then the higher up the food chain you were, the more money you would earn at a BFPO?
  6. Nothing new there then.:pissedoff:
  7. @BigJim

    you might want to have another cup of coffee and put your WAAAH shield up........ you honestly believed in this time of cuts they would scrap a couple of pounds per day LOA and replace it with many times that amount instead?
  8. Superb Wah AFA
    I can't believe in a supposedly intelligent Corps we have people who are that gullible! A mate's wife heard it on the phone? It must be true!
    PS I have a 15" penis. (I don't really but just thought I'd throw the rumour out there and see how it goes.....)
  9. If its any help, I was in Fallingbostel in 1989, I heard one of the pay clerks, yes we still had them then, saying that he had heard from his mate in CPO saying that he had heard from a bloke in the Rheindahlen Naafi, that LOA was going to be canned. So I take it that it hasn't happened yet, still time!!
  10. So what you are all saying is that you dunno if LOA's going?
    Whats a Wah?
  11. Wah!


    But just in case that is a genuine question, I refer my honourable friend to the ARRSE Wiki!
  12. Really?

    Did they have to give your FAD trousers extra material down one side to hide the bulge?...

    Now do you know owt about LOA or is it all willies and wah's with you?
  13. Like it !!!!!

  14. as long as it was that midget twat in 7 armd who made sgt in 4 years and then acted like a complete tool!!!
  15. sparky you're looking at the wrong side of the ruler 15cms i think you'll find!!!