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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by sparkysapper, Sep 3, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone have the link to the out come of the report on the rates of LOA, duty rumour seems to be that pads has gone down and singlies have gone up? or know the new rates.


  2. Pads have been cut about 20%, singlies have been cut about 3%. Try and get sixth-sense online I believe it is there.
  3. Do you have a link for their web site??? can't seem to find it via google.
  4. The singlies should have had the lot cut. They only spend it on beer and fags. As for the thick pads who took part in the survey (anybody out there see it......I didn't) and said that they no longer employed babysitters, this was why the LOA got cut according to the MoD.

    Next time.......lie, you thick f*cks.
  5. Was told yesterday that singlies LOA has gone up, i think mine has gone up 20p a day and the pads have had theirs cut, but not sure by how much.

    Oh well more money for beer, but it still hasn't gone back to what it was just over a year ago.

    But i'm sure i will survive.
  6. I think that you'll more than likely see the demise of LOA over the next few years. It isn't that expensive to live here. The Uncivil Servants have just had a 40% cut in theirs.......oh, I just couldn't stop laughing when I heard that. All those on the old boy network are having to rely more than ever on their pensions and pityful wages. The gravy train is slowing down boys.
  7. I must admit that i did have a laugh when i found out that the uncivil servants had had a great cut, apparently the detailed look into their LOA was started by a passing comment to their main boss while on a visit, yes we're minted over here, all these allowances.

    Ha won't do that again.
  8. Normally on:


    but it was down this morning.
  9. Cheers Oracle,

    Managed to fine everything else related to sixth sense, films etc but not what i was looking for.

  10. Errr....sorry guys. The strawberry mivvies winged like f*ck when a cut to their COLA was proposed - and engaged their unions etc. Result? Postponed the cut to Xmas and there's a very strong rumour that if anyone does try to touch it the unions will have them all out. So? What about a federation to represent us? The coppers have it, our TACOS / standards / etc have been eroded across the board to virtual non-existence and our spineless leaders sit back and do the square root of eff all.

    Don't get me started
  11. I wouldn't believe the rumours. They're usually just rumblings of wishful thinking made by those who will be affected. It's getting cut. There's been a load of redundancies amongst the MoD Uncivil Servants in the UK recently as well and they are trying to relocate UK staff who are affected elsewhere. THose who get the hump in Germany can therefore be easily replaced.. Their COLA is an allowance the same as our LOA and it can and will be cut by the MoD as it sees fit. Their wages are a different matter, but allowances are fair game. I believe that the cut in COLA was planned for this November anyway. I hope that they also look at the housing benefits that these people get as well. Free fuel and light and rent free for the first 5 years of their employment. I hope they take the lot. It wouldn't be so bad if some of these people were any good at what they do, were the slightest bit interested in anything other than themselves, didn't feather their own nests and actually gave a f*ck about those they were employed to SERVE......i.e. Us! You could have a degree of sympathy for them if that were the case, but in most cases all I see are ex Officers and WOs who are riding the gravy train for as long as they can hang on. Anybody had the privelage of the SSO at Bielefeld. What a jumped up c*ck he is. He was a clown when he was up here in Herford as well.
  12. AB - I sit fairly close to this one (although not a strawberry mivvi!) and the debate rages; but we'll agree to differ. What really winds me up is the fact that it was postponed after 'representations' and, for all the reasons you state above we sat back in amazement. What happened to the gutless, witless, spinesless f*ckwits supposed to be lobbying on our behalf? I accept all the arguments about the validity of LOA etc - but I think this one goes into the same category as the recent groaning about overpayments of Family Tax Credits. My point? There's enough 'representation' out there for everyone else, but what about poor old Tommy Atkins?
  13. There isn't any representation Norman. Nobody gives a sh*t about us and that includes many of our managment. They're alright Jack. Our LOA apparantly reflects the current cost of living over here. Having said that and not shooting myself in the foot (well, hoping not too.....bang!....ouch!), it's cheaper to live here, even without the tax free than it is in the UK. We save a fortune by NOT shopping in the NAAFI or the SSVC or any other parasitic organisation which feeds off the Forces.

    However, as the MoD have whacked us, they should whack the civvies. We are paid by the same employer so why should they not receive equitable cuts?

    Let them go on strike. Nobody would notice.
  14. Wise up, this is phase one of two. The Oct 20% reductions result from the global adjustment following "babysitting" reductions.

    Phase 2 is the result of the Jul review in BFG - this will perhaps lead to a further 20% reduction in Jan 06 based on that data to bring the mil into line with civvies.

    My own view is that any LOA is a bonus, I would be happy just to get the cheap fuel & cars. I can't think of anything more expensive in BFG than UK. The LOA helps many to buy a big expensive car they can regularly sell at a profit and one they could certainly never afford in UK.
  15. The withdrawal of free accommodation to civvies after 5 years was brought in a couple of years ago. Prior to that, it was rent free for as long as they stayed out in germany. According to the Civil Servants who I worked with at the time, it was because the current CIVSEC had a bug in his bonnet about the primary school teachers. Apparently, he didn't like all these teenaged kids coming over to Germany living rent free in their own house, so he introduced the 5 year limit. So the story goes, he didn't realise the policy he introduced would extend to all the rest of the Civil Servants/ROs, etc until it was too late to reverse it, which resulted in near mutiny. Certainly the ones I worked with couldn't wait to see the back of him, and cheered him off gustily.

    There is a down side to all this, which many jealous squaddies may not perhaps appreciate until they see the effects in a few years time; amongst all the useless free-loaders who milked the system and stayed rent-free until they died, there were also a few extremely capable people who knew their jobs inside out. They weren't paid brilliant wages, but their Army pensions and the free housing just about compensated, allowing them to stay in the job they knew extremely well, on similar financial terms as they could get back in the UK. There is now much less incentive for these people to stay, and so many of them won't. Instead, they will be replaced by ********* who don't know the job, area or language, and are more concerned with having a couple of jolly years on the tax-free net rather than actually doing anything useful. Rapid staff turnover will create additional problems.
    The reduction in COLA, which traditionally used to be tied to the Civil Service Inner London Allowance rate, will just exacerbate this.