LOA Rates decrease!!!!

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Hairy_T_Towel_Holder, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. If you are in BFG you will certainly know that LOA rates have been cut. Why have they done this when they know that German VAT (Mwst) has gone up by 3%. I think its the bloody government again taking back pennies off us probally to pay for Iraq / Afgan. I think this is a good thing for them because:

    1. The press dont get to here about it.

    2. They can give us a pay rise later in the year of about 3p a day and actually look good in the press. (then raise accommodation rates at the same time).

    I personnaly loose about sixty quid a month. Yet again another thing to the already big long list of financial cuts. (Whole Fleet Management, Pay 2000, Pay as you starve, Pensions etc.)

    I bet the money they save will go towards some save the gay east european whale meeting centre in Droitwich.

    Nice one Blair and Brown I cant wait till your booted out of government.
  2. The quote in 6th sense was that inflation has gone up in the UK but not in Germany - err, and the 3% increase in german VAT!?
  3. Come back to the UK then and live on the bread line with us mere mortals....
  4. I was under the impression that LOA rates were supposed to be reviewed every 4 years. Why have they done another one when the last on was only about 18-24 months ago?

    Still, have to agree with strima!
  5. I do feel for UK troops Im getting posted there in a few months and I know I will be scrapping for a living. (IN RIP OFF BRITAIN) But when your here it is the money that you look forward to is'nt it. I just cant understand why there is a drop, as bullshit states inflation is up and so is german tax. Dont you think LOA should go up aswell?
  6. Long time since i was there,

    so tell me what is the current FFR?
  7. And further to FFR, can someone steer me towards how much LOA a Staffy with 2 kids gets?(daily) , as I'm posted out there in September.
  8. And further to FFR, can someone steer me towards how much LOA a Staffy with 2 kids gets?(daily) , as I'm posted out there in September.

    its about 15 quid mate
  9. £16.17 according to the latest sheet
  10. That have to buy winter tyres now and pay £3.50 for a pack of bacon, several pounds for a newspaper and hundreds of pounds yearly to get back to UK to visit relatives etc?

    Don't get me wrong I agree that cost of living in UK is expensive, I spent enough time there, but the purpose of LOA is to allow a British lifestyle to be followed abroad and to account for additional cost of doing this. The issue is, as pointed out elsewhere in this thread, they have only just reversed a mistake they made in lowering LOA previously; despite this, plus changes such as the increase of German VAT and new expenses such as Winter Tyres (which were not considered in this change), they have tinkered again.

    I will not even start on the attempts by the system to make BFG cars more difficult by stealth!
  11. hellfyyr & H_T_T_H, thanks for that fellas
  12. Can't belive that someone is moaning about LOA, even if it has gone down slightly. I do not know of anyone who receives LOA and is worse off than their UK counterpart. People always try and hang onto their foreign postings for fear of missing out on that extra money.

    Stop moaning you ungrateful twat or get a posting back to the UK.
  13. Do I surmise correctly from your location that you are in BATUS?

    If so I know your LOA rate...

    If not, why should I simply accept a reduction in a valid allowance (if there is no requirement why does it exist?) because I am currently serving overseas. Should I accept this just because you are not overseas at present?

    I have more than done my time in UK fella; if you have no idea of someone's background maybe you should not comment. I suggest you put away the tired "stop moaning" attitude and consider the fact that the MOD is again scrimping and saving without considering all the factors.
  14. Hey dude dont be bitter mate, Come to BFG shop in the NAAFI. You would have a heart attack. At least you guys got ASDA, TESCOs and all that. Boxhead clothes make you look like a tramp so you have to order it online that costs. Winter tyres as stated above. Paid for them this year dingerrr ....nope didnt think so. Flip side to the coin though we do get tax free kit but to be honest its used on on fags. What Im saying from the orginal point is yet again the armed forces are getting ripped off from another angle. Last point dingerr I am coming back. It seems to me that you dont get the oppurtunity to travel "Super Garrisoned" never mind fella. You chose yer trade!! ha ha
  15. Got to agree with you dingerr, I for one have been back in the UK for 4 years since returning from Germany after living there for 7 years in a more than comfortable financial state. And from what the fellow members of this thread have quoted me I am looking forward to returning to Germany, and therefore not paying T.V licence/Car Tax/over priced fuel costs, car & House/ and of course tax on Fags/Beer/Car servicing/Furniture/electrical items/food etc etc must I go on. And I'm going to get paid LOA as well.

    I know money is not everything, but it makes life easier when we are all in the same boat. Especially in the present climate, Pay/Accommodation/Operations/Terms & Conditions etc etc.