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Does anyone have any idea what happens to my LOA when both myself and the good wife deploy to Afghanistan? (currently in Germany). I am told that if only i deployed my LOA would stay at its current rate, but if we both go, will both of us be reduced to residual levels? I have asked around the unit but had no definite answer. Also, any ideas on quarter charges during deployment if we both go?

Help Please!!!
DodgerDog said:
You will still pay quarter charges unless you move out and put your possessions into storage. Not sure on the LOA issue though.
Wrongo, a DIN came out in May (ish). If you both deploy, you stop paying quarters WITHOUT moving out. On the LOA side, both of you will get residual rates. If before JPA go live it will be from the 18th day, after go-live it will be from day one.

I cannot remember the exact rates, but I did the calculations for one of my full screws the other day and she was a couple of quid up, before you factor in LSSA/LSA. 8)

Tech 9,

I am amezed that you have to seek this info via ARRSE - your RAO is being paid 40k plus pa so ask the question - if you get fobbed off - go to your OC- put it in writing and if the RAO f&&&s up sue his/her a**** of for professional ineptitude

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