Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jimlem, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. Hi I have tried looking on the ARRSE search / google / ArmyNet but cant find out...

    Being posted to NI, do I get LOA? If so how much? (L/Cpl, married, 0 kids)

  2. zero zilch nada
  3. why would you get LOA in the UK?
  4. Dont you get something like £6.something a day?

    Not sure what the allowance is called, but its something to do with just being NI.
  5. are you referring to NI Pay?
  6. I hope NI pay never got to £6 a day, i got fecking 50p.

    Taken from Armed Forces Pay Review Body.
    Thirty-Seventh Report – 2008
  8. :x fecking 6 pound a day in 2008, 50p in the 70s, them choggies must be charging like harrods
  9. What cost £0.50 in 1970 would cost £2.64 in 2007 (according to an inflation calculator).
  10. Also might have been a different time in the 70s to 2008. :roll:
  11. I look at effectively 50p a day danger money, and it doesnt quite seem right :(
  12. ok thanks guys :)
  13. 5 quid a day I got, and my qtr only cost £28 a month :wink:
  14. :twisted: 6 ish quid a day
    plus extra fights to mainland
    plus all the rain you want!
    dunno why though it is peaceful now........

    provo cab !

  15. Cos heating oil is fuc*ing expensive everything else is a bit more costly as well as a lot of produce is shipped in from the mainland or trucked up from the south.
    Also look into your car insurance I think they check it with a London post code then against your new one and you can claim the difference (something like that I never bothered as it wasnt worth the hassle but why they choose London when I cant get a posting there I will never know)