Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by adyf, May 26, 2005.

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  1. Ladies and Gents,

    I'm posted to my unit directly out of Sandhurst and have been here (in Germany) for 6 months. I got told that I would be attached for my Troop Commanders back in the UK for the 5 months that it takes. This means I would get the reduced rate LOA and LSSA - quite nice I'm sure you will agree.

    I am now not amused to hear that I am going to be posted to the Tp Comds course instead of attached thus having to clear entirely from the Regt, hand over my room (with all my stuff in it that I won't be able to take to Blandford as I don't drive) and I will lose the LOA and LSSA.

    I, personnally, think this is outrageous....another money saving venture by the Army....why have the benefits if you stich people up so that they are unable to claim them?

    Any thoughts?
  2. Welcome to the post-training world!

    Any excuse to save a few quid - can't have people running around actually getting allowances now can we?

    :evil: :evil: :evil:
  3. Why do you need LOA? Are you leving a wife and kids behind? Not a dig just curious. Are you definately 100% going back to the same unit? LSSA is for temporay duty away from permenant duty staion, if your not going back you don't qualify.

    Sprogs, don't they know anything :D :twisted:
  4. Yeah cheers Shuni....

    I am DEFINATELY going back so I keep the reduced rate LOA and I get LSSA because I am *attached* to the tp comds course...

    So please read the question before you start digging 8)

    Cheers mate
  5. You've been seen off then :D

    Sounds like you deserve it, welcome to reality :twisted:

    Lifes not all ha ha he he y'know.

  6. Eh eh eh

    Was only messing around 8) be cool my friend. It's not the end of the world if I don't get it....no I don't have kids to support but my point was that if allowances are there, the army should let us have them.
  7. Agreed. If your posted as you say you should get removals (MFO Boxes I know but better than a kick in the tits) and single mans disturbance allowance.

    Posting Order references are wonderful things.
  8. OK - just found out today - I'm actually attached but the unit is still saying they're unsure about whether I get LOA/LSSA because apparently when you're attached you get the attached unit's allowances....I'm not convinced that's true.

    Are their any AGC bods out there who would be so kind as to give their spin on that?
  9. ive been attached to various places and have always received loa lssa i did a retrade which took 11 months in total got it for the whole period and received the bonus (which was nice) so you should be able to get something
  10. The best thing to do is ask for a copy of the RAAC (Regulations for Army pay And Allowances) or on the new AEL disc and type in LOA, LSSA.

    If we did give you any advice, you would either slag us of for it, claiming it's our fault or disagree with the advice. Its all written in there in relative plain english. Enjoy!
  11. RAAC stands for Regulations of Army Allowances and Charges. Sorry, Friday, Beer, Internet, Typing, what more can I say!
  12. Would I ever slag you off? Nope - nice boy me :D

    I would appreciate, and listen to, any advice you might be able to offer. That said - I will try and get hold of the disc you mention.

    Thanks in anticipation of your help!
  13. Speak to te admin office at Blandford and see if what they say is different. If your attached for a course you get lssa definately, not au faitwith loa though.
  14. Ady,

    As you are posted in Germany you are entitled to LSSA and a reduced LOA.

    If you are detached to a unit that attracts a 'special allowance' clothing etc. then you are entitled to those over and above your normal entitlements.

    LSSA is given for being seperated from your home unit, and is initiated by the home unit - I have been on LSSA and LOA for 18 months, because I am detached. You need to check that you have done enough RD to qualify for LSSA though - not sure what the qualifying period is at the moment. Guys in the UK will not get LSSA as they will get a Get you Home package.

    Be grateful, when I did the Troopies Course I was posted there!!!
  15. BJ - blimey a bit of a delayed reaction there mate!

    However....I took the point up with the RAOWO at my unit, who spent a good while reading various books before concluding that I was right in the first place....

    Thus am now on Troopies course on residual rate LOA and LSSA. So all is well and thanks for your advice :)