LOA + Incedental expenses?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ultirian, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. Hello long time no post, I am happy to report I am on a RCMT course now for the next 6 months I was told by one of the lads here (allthough he has no idea how to do it) That I can get IE and LOA for being here on a long term course?

    I have to admit that going to a JPA suite in battalion was like running the gauntlet and I have no idea what I can be entitled to etc! wouldnt mind a bit more $$$ for the new year if I am entitled to it!

    Cheers in advance,

  2. Are you married or single? have you retained your room at your unit, if single? Are you based overseas ? RCMT course is run out of Aldershot is it not so are you thinking residual LOA? GYH(M) sounds more likely if you based in the UK.....and IE if you have kept your room on...
  3. Are you already in reciept of LOA from your normal posting (ie Germany)? If not then you need to stop sniffing the Brasso, you dont get Local Overseas Allowance for Aldershot.
  4. I thought you get paid residual LOA if you are based abroad and you go back to the UK for a course?
  5. yep, thats why I wrote:

    followed by:

  6. My apologies
    I am a buffoon.
  7. Some might say you should get some kind of allowance for having to live in the UK now that the pound is so weak.
  8. residual LOA after 18 days I think, if you have family back in Germay it remains extant, IE Yes but stand by for food charges if you live out.
  9. Have you not been listening to Brown? Thanks to his amazing tax adjustments things have never been cheaper in the UK
  10. So that will be why LOA is still going down in January after the FFR re-valuation.

    Clearly the cost of living is still high in the UK and cheap as chips in Germany.

    Still as people have said on another thread it's free money that they didn't need. I am more than happy to take their share of this free unneeded money as I do need it :D
  11. Germany is the only country to have officially stated that it is in a recession.
    Food bills are just the same if not higher than the UK, petrol is about the same price (although we do get fuel coupons, the price of those has risen a lot recently).
    You get tax off electrical items, but if you look at the price of the same items in the UK they are cheaper than in Germany even with the tax off!
    One of the bonuses about living in the fatherland is that there are no chav mongs other than some of the pad brats.
  12. delete: some insert: most
  13. looks like I will only be claiming IE it seems then! thats a codger! allthough at around 5er a day its not to bad! every penny counts considering! thanks for the answers though!
  14. Food bills are certainly higher than in the UK - I am a fat boy I know these things, although 49c for a litre of milk in Lidl is OK by me.

    Especially when the Forces Favourite - NAAFI charges almost 3 times that. NAAFI was only good when you used to get the option of "Stamps or Discount" - the good old days :D
  15. €3.80 for 10 litres of petrol this month!!!! :D