Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by hussar100, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone tell me if you get loa for being in kuwait if so what are the qualifying regulations also wondered about INCIDENTAL EXPENSES , AND OPERATIONAL ALLOWENCE any help would be greatly appreciated as you never seem to get a straight answer in RHQ
  2. If you are asking because you are deploying on Telic 14, then here goes as much as I know, but I ain't a pay clerk.
    LOA is only paid to those deploying who currently get LOA at their current unit. This will be residual LOA for singlies and full LOA for pads. Op-Allowance gets decided before each tour by the government, and is done every 6 months, so with the wait we are having for a pay rise, you may be unluky here as well. You are not entitled to IE, you will get seperation allowance though. So if your based in the UK and the govenment do not approve Op-Allowance for Telic 14, lifes a bitch. Oh and because you are in Kuwait no medal either.
  3. If you are based outside of camp Buering you won't be getting the OP allowance anyway.
  4. Odd that given that if you are deployed outside Afghan ie Oman etc supporting Herrick you get the OSM without the clasp.
  5. Not really. They stopped giving Telic medals to personnel in Kuwait back in 2003 as on the back it does say Iraq! They can't take a clasp off as per OSM if it doesn't exist!
  6. I understand that, but is there not a need for a new GSM/OSM after all the guys and girls are still deploying on Ops but have nothing to show for it?
  7. Personally, for being based in Kuwait I'd say no. But thats just me, I'd be happy pocketing my LSA but then again I've already got the Telic one. And your days will count towards your 'accumulated medal' total.

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