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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Tiddle, May 3, 2008.

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  1. Hello all, I see the FFR has dropped again, has the LOA rate been adjusted accordingly and if they have has anyone got the updated rates?
  2. Do you mean the fall as of 31 Mar 08 to 1.31?

    Whenever the FFR goes up or down, LOA is adjusted - but there is a time lag...
  3. AFAIK the rate went up in sync with the last drop in the FFR...
  4. ... except that someone forgot to press a button, and you will not see the LOA increase until May's Pay.
  5. Ah, so has the revised LOA rates been published yet then or do we have to wait until next month for that too? :roll:
  6. Next time you are on the SPVA homepage use the search box and it should bring them up.

    I looked at them yesterday and they were there. Roughly £4 increase in LOA.
  7. I will put a link in to the LOA page when back in work on Wed - covers all area (need RLI access)

  8. My LOA has gone up from around £16 odd to £23 a day, winner lmao :D
  9. This link will take you to a list of all LOA rates - needs an RLI connection!

    LOA Rates

  10. as at 21/09/10 i have been reading through a lengthy and bullshitty load of admin instructions, meeting minutes, tables and other such drivel, and can confirm that as of 01/12/10 LOA in germany will drop, according to rank and personal status catagory, by between 19-31%. love being the 1 tasked to bring this news to the attention of the squadron
  11. MATT, you could have just told them to buy the Sixth Sense a couple of weeks ago.The December LOA cuts were all in there :)
  12. Matt

    In a word "yes" - you were supposed to get chapter and verse through your G1 chain. I happen to have a copy of all the detail, so if you want it drop me a pm with your email and I'll forward it - it explains the background very well, even if the results are unwelcome and it might help "sweeten the pill"