loa for cpl and 2 kids

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by jonah1163, Oct 14, 2007.

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  1. hi bieng posted soon to cyprus anyone know the loa rates for a full screw with 2 kids cheers
  2. Commiserations mate, Cyprus is not the sunshine tour you may be hoping it is, and no amount of LOA will make up for that! 8O
  3. why,s that then whats up with cyprus i,am going to dheklia soon , tell me the score with cyprus i,am working in the mt out there
  4. About C£22 at the mo I believe.

    Sure you've posted in the right forum?
  5. thats not bad then £ 22 hope it stays the same when cyprus changes to the euro
  6. Its going to go up if anything jona
  7. happy days then, do your know anything else about over there , like how much a 4 bed qrter is and the best road to get onto for the schools any info would be appricated
  8. Ring the Hive mate and they will send you an info pack with everything you need to know.

    If you need any more info PM me.
  9. i have tried the hive but only get what they want u know, i want to know the it is really like in dheklia cyprus , ie money, qrtes, leave , cars,