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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by lettuce_pad, Aug 12, 2010.

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  1. LOA looks like it will be cut by another significant amount from 1st Dec in Germany
  2. Oh Goody another LOA Thread. I can’t wait :roll:
  3. I still very much doubt that come Jan 2011, Cpl Snooks will be feeding his children on Pedigree chum.
  4. There will be no need for LOA once they get rid of BFG in the spending cuts
  5. Its not cheap in Germany any more thats for feckin sure...

    I was back in Blighty last week and asked for a vodka n coke in the pub; when told it was £2 (and £2 for any 35ml measure and a dash is extortionate enough) I asked if there was a mistake. This is because I'm used to paying €5 and upwards for the same drink over here. Its a sad day indeed when a £2 drink feels like you've won the lottery........................
  6. That all depends where you go for your drink. :wink:
  7. And your source is what ??
  8. I doubt it. 9 out of 10 JNCO's brats prefer Whiskas.
  9. I know Recce19, but sometimes Ive got the wife and family/friends with me.Hence I cant go into the little known estaminets with them that I sometimes frequent :wink:
  10. Mmm... But BFG has been slashed repeatedly since I first commissioned: there was a time when a husband and wife could each buy a new car every six months, in doing so generating a tidy profit on the side by selling on 4 almost-brand-new cars every year. While now severely-curtailed, tax-free cars are one of the few benefits of posted to Germany. More importantly, they don't cost the Army much *directly* - yes, the Treasury loses the VAT, but honestly, how many soldiers would buy a brand new BMW or Merc were BFG not available?

    The 'only' cost-saving would be the legion of BFG bureaucrats employed across BAOR to administer the scheme. My dusty memories of Germany suggest however that, with the exception of the Vehicle Licensing Office (VLO) in Rheindahlen, this is mainly staffed by dependants in BFG offices scattered across Germany, who - call me a cynic - will not be paid very much. (Oh, and there's a customs office at JHQ too, but that's HMRC's budget, not MoD's, presumably) Overall therefore, binning BFG tax-free opportunities would be totally irrational for the Army to do. (So, there's still every chance it might happen...)
  11. I have the letter and new rates in black and white. Anyone interested PM me (it is not pleasant reading if you rely on LOA to get by)
  12. To those that PM'd me, my bad, couldn't figure out how to attach a word document (if at all possible). However, managed to extract the relevant tables. The first one is from the 01 Sep 10 - 30 Nov 10. The second is from 01 Dec 10 onwards. If you want the full word documents (4 of) explaining how they fudged, I mean, worked out the new figures send me your email via PM and I will be happy to oblige. Sorry about the quality, restrictions on file size by ARRSE.

    LOA Rates 010910 - 301110.jpg
    LOA Rate 011210.jpg
  13. Nice. Lose another £150 a month. I'll only get £500 a month.........
  14. All the horrific details are in this week's Sixth Sense.
  15. Got a link?