LOA being stopped completely?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Delta_Fire_Team, Sep 19, 2010.

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  1. Ive heard what might turn out to be a filthy rumour. A clerk has told me that soldiers in Germany are completely loosing our LOA by april next year. is this true? if so....WTF!!!

    what incentive are we going to have to stay in Germany? i spend a fair amount of my LOA on getting home to the UK, so is there going to be a better system put in place instead of the B/S get you home thing we have going on atm, which in my opinion is about as much use as tits on a fish. whoever has designed it has made it so complicated that its just not worth the bother. and even if people do manage to figure it out then its not really worth it any way. but anyway, getting slightly side tracked there.

    so are these rumours fact, or just rumours???
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    2. There is no requirment for an incentive, you go where you are told to go. Alternatively, leave.

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  3. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Never, ever, believe a clerk's rumour.

    As for Germany, the only reason you're there these days is because there's nowhere to put you in UK. Give it a couple of years and there'll be several former RAF bases to move into. Nice quarters, the RAF ones.
  4. And you'll probably pay for grade 1, it'll give you something else to drip about.
  5. They are also going to kill you as well. In your sleep. Baby Jesus told me that, or was it the dog?

    Anyhoo, shut it. You big girl.
  6. Oh dear. I can't believe you actually continued to type after that.
  7. I hope Charlie is a bit more switched on than you Delta, cos you're a numpty.
  8. Wouldn't it be LOI? Incentive indeed, do what you are told, and STFU.
  9. Of course, there's a serious answer to this too. The recently announced reduction in LOA was part of an overall review but was, in effect, only Step 1. In this step the team examined the "shopping basket" used to compare prices in Germany with those in UK and found less difference than had previously been the case, so LOA was reduced, giving us until 01 Dec to get used to the idea. Apart from that, and as yet not actioned, a few of the items that make up the basket itself have been challenged. If this is supported in MOD and these items are removed from the list of things that "earn" us LOA, Step 2 will see a further reduction in LOA, some of them are major items and would result in some pretty drastic reductions! This decision is the one thats still awaited and expected to take effect, if at all, in April - although I understand that the measure is not supported at all by the Chain of Command, who strongly oppose the idea of further cuts.

    If anyone is interested in the details of how the current reduction (Step 1) was calculated, I have a copy of the explanatory letter and presentation - drop me a pm with your email address and I'll send it to you. I don't have precise details of "Step 2".
  10. Sign off then. Not sure whether you've heard, but the Army doesn't really give a shit about trying to keep hold of 95% of us at the minute. Unless you happen to be SAS, EOD or an Apache pilot, in which case you get paid enough without dripping about LOA anyway.
  11. Apart from tax free booze, tax free fags, tax free cars, just about everything else tax free, petrol coupons, legal brothels, generally better accommodation, no TV licence etc etc, Yeah I can see why everyone will want to leave if your bollocks rumour was true.
  12. None as it's not needed. All you NAAFI rats will be hoofed out of Ze Fatherland after SDSR......................and about ******* time too.
  13. A clerk said it, so it must be true.
  14. Had the information come from a "Combat HR Specialist" and not just a clerk I would be more inclined to believe it - I heard the stop was to be backdated to 1 Apr this year so all those in receipt at that point will have loads to pay back! Got that from the cleaner so it's got to be true!