I am being posted to Germany. On the plus side promotion to SSgt. On the negative side, Wife was earning £1000 a month. I will be as previously stated SSgt, accompanied with 1 child. We don't drink or smoke. Question is guys, is the LOA enough to compensate for the loss of earnings if we shop at Lidle's etc.

Many thanks
BAOR cough splutter BAOR

I suppose you want paying in f*cking Duetchmarks as well

harrumph :wink:

JHQ so not planning on satying long then

queue outstanding :roll:
The good thing about getting a job with the GLSU at the moment is that they pay a rate that hasn’t been affected by the exchange rates.

With the fall of the pound some dependants have in effect got a very nice pay rise. It wont last though, someone will eventually spoil the fun

Only three years your very optimistic, a certain Regt that flys small aircraft have been leaving since at least 2003 and are still there


OK I stand corrected. BFG. It has been 16 years since I left there. 7 years left so I could be there for a while. Worst case scenario I assume with the LOA is that I won't feel the hit too much. You can pay me in Deutchmarks, dollars, pesetas for all I care. I just dont want to be worse off. One gets accustomed to a certain lifestyle.

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