LOA at Shriv?

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by crimsontide, Jan 3, 2009.

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  1. I am under the impression that you can retain your current quarter whilst you attend ICSC. I am currently based in Germany and really only want to move once, however if I do leave my wife and child in German whilst I attend will I lose my LOA?
  2. yes unless you apply to UKSCG for G1 retention of MSQ and status. Even then its not a done deal
  3. Presumably this would only be looked on favourably if I was returning to Germany after Shriv?
  4. yes or your spouse is working in a high profile job, ie nurse, teacher etc.

    It would also allow her to shop in NAAFI and keep a tax free car (if u have one)

    If your present BFG unit is 'willing to sponsor her' whilst you are away on course (ie msq/welfare issues) then that to helps the case
  5. When I did ICSC(L) 2 it was absolutely explicit: you could elect to retain your existing quarter until posted at the end of the course. There were other options, and I elected to move to Shrivenham and then move again to my initial staff posting. I have a feeling that the course's policy may not have matched with REAL MoD policy and it caused a few problems, particularly with those based in Germany.

    As an aside, if I were to do the course again I would go unaccompanied, simply because I found home life too much of a distraction from my studies. Those who lived in the messes seemed to have a raucous social life AND get more work done. But then the top student was married accompanied as well, so it's a weak excuse!