LOA and relocation leave

I have a question as i have not come across this issue before,

I am told that when you are posted from the uk overseas that if you take your relocation leave you are not entitled to your LOA whilst on it, i have asked to see the ruling and have tried to look on Army net for this.

I have spoken to many and it appears that nearly everyone just doesn't take there relocation leave.

thanks for to all
When your leave is put on the system as relocation leave your LOA automatically stops! So its definately not a local interpretation.
It stops because you are classed as non-effective thereby not attracting LOA
Well aleast its generic for all then!!

But it is a little harsh i would say, as it is to be taken at the new unit, just seems as it is a stealth way to stop some from taking the 10 days.
Because maybe that when you get relocation leave you havnt yet started to incur the costs that LOA is supposed to cover thats one way of looking at it! Still the whole thing stinks as you can take relocation leave say for instance in your country of posting and incur these costs.
Can you not take your relocation leave from the loosing unit therefore effectively turning up ready to rock and roll? surely that would make more sense???

It isnt very clear in the JSP apparently
It appears that this is a bit of a strange situation.

Relocation is to be taken at the gaining unit, it can possibly be taken at the loosing unit with local agreement.

I am hearing different understandings for this, some say its a 'glitch' but with no real black and white explanation why.

I ask as I am having to explain to my subordinates that you do not get your LOA whilst on relocation, but as yet i am unable to deliver an educated answer.

Maybe a 'work around' can/should be implemented from the top and allow units to action 10 annual then credit it back locally.

thanks for your time one and all
Tip your hat to the Sqn clerk, ask him nicely not to put your relocation leave on JPA and then take your ten days off. How often does your OC check your JPA? It's pretty obvious to him that you are on your relocation leave as you have just arrived. Not that I would dream of doing anything like that myself!! :roll:
Roger_Ramjet said:
Tip your hat to the Sqn clerk, ask him nicely not to put your relocation leave on JPA and then take your ten days off. How often does your OC check your JPA? It's pretty obvious to him that you are on your relocation leave as you have just arrived. Not that I would dream of doing anything like that myself!! :roll:
My clerks did exactly that for me when I complained that I did not receive LOA for 10 days even though I was in Germany. They cancelled the leave so that I received backdated LOA and my 10 days relocation leave is still showing as being owed on JPA. Not that I would try and take it again as that would be wrong :roll:
thanks for the feed back so far.

This is something that has come up whilst discussing the issue, i am sure that some 'may' have done this and it does seem the right thing to do, but it isn't available to everyone so some 'may' get it but most do not.

So most of my troop just opt not to use the relocation leave which is not good for morale, they just take a week of annual if they have some left if not it straight in to work.

I am still trawling the books so will endevour to update all that are interested in this issue
To me it sounds wrong. As stated in earlier comments, relocation leave is to be taken whilst at the gaining unit and it's intended use is to help the individual/family to settle into the new accommodation etc. Therefore you are incurring the costs attributable against LOA dn I would have thought you were therefore entitled to LOA. However, it is not like the MoD to try and claw back money via the back door and claim ignorance just 'cos we are in a recession I'm sure!!
LOA entitlement start on the first day of your assignment to the overseas unit and finishes on the day when you are re-assigned back to the UK (apply for relocation leave of 10 days). If you do not get the LOA for the 10 days on arrival then speak to your Coy Clerk who will ensure that it is paid.
Beware the added fun one chap ran into when being posted from one Germany based unit to another. Married with a quarter, so he took relocation leave; all of which was in Germany and his LOA was stopped for 10 days. WTF?
Simple solutions to the problem.

Don't take it, or if you have to take it and you are going into a hotel on posting in Germany, use those days as relocation leave cause you ain't getting LOA for then either as your are getting Subsistence Allowance.

Probably not much help, but there you go
Well after much reading I am no nearer understanding 'why' the allowance stops only for relocation, it states that LOA is granted from the first day you start in the area until the last day, it states that it is to be paid on annual lave but I cannot find any information regarding relocation. What I have found is a reference matrix, (chapter1,section 5, jsp 752) here is says that it stops on day one but with no explanation.
Could this be that this is a JPA issue that has not been 'fixed' yet? or is it just that the powers that be are not aware that this problem needs to be 'fixed' as it seem that personel are being penalised whilst taking relocation leave, thats if they do decide to take it.
hmm are my posts cloaked?

You are classed as non effective, can't be touched folr duties, deployments, courses in this period.

Non effective means just that, you are on strength but nothing more.

Its clearly stated in the JSP for leave, JPA and local knowledge.

If you don't like it, don't take the leave
It's unbelievable that people can be so greedy for an extra bit of cash that they would give up 2 weeks leave. FFS, it's only two weeks worth of LOA. I'm sure that the 2/3 years of extra cash that you are about to get will soften the blow. Get over it!
Simple solution -

take your relocation leave BEFORE you get a unit that attracts LOA - ie take leave from your previous unit - take annual lve at your new unit and you wont lose LOA

A. You don't get LOA while on relocation leave because that's what the rule book says.

B. You only get LOA for a MAX of 6 days before your assigniment starts (ie a few days to get the family sorted) - that is also what the rule book says.

A doesn't seem fair if you are moving within Germany.
B doesn't seem fair (and is often abused) when applied to personnel who drive from UK to Germany. Strictly by the rules it should be on the assignment date unless transport means you have to arrive early (eg Cyprus trooper).

Life isn't fair but there are swings & roundabouts.

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