LOA and CSA payments

I seem to remember reading on Arrse that LOA cannot be taken into account when assessing CSA payments, i don't seem to be able to find it again and wondered if anyone on the Pay site has any info.


Brig Stephen Andrews, DPS(A), replies:LOA should not be included in a CSA assessment as it is an non-taxable allowance. Whoever gave this advice to the CSA is wrong. I have taken this up with the Forces Focal Point (FFP) in Birkenhead and they will inform the appropriate case officer. You should therefore get another adjustment to your payments. If you have any further trouble of this nature, I suggest you get your UWO or RAO to phone the FFP direct – the contact numbers are well known to welfare and admin staff. I can also assure you that in our experience, this error on the part of the CSA is most unusual, as their branches are well aware of what should be included in the calculation.
At ease

Thank you for the reply and i have passed it on to the bloke who required the info, it seems that they have been taking his LOA into account for the last 5 years without his knowledge.

Good old Arrse comes to the rescue again.


Dug this out because I was looking for gen on a re-assessment.

I phoned up my local CSA office to inform them that I was in BFG and to ensure that the LOA part of my pay was not taken into account. The bloke (who told me he was ex-Forces himself) said that LOA is now used in the calculations....

Has this changed in the 6 years since this thread was posted???
Just been through all this with the CSA in UK, they where sure that they could now include non taxable LOA. Do not be fooled this is not true, i got the UWO to ring them and inform them that LOA like the tour bonus is non taxable and therefore cannot be touched, the CSA finally agreed and i have just had a £70 reduction a month, happy days. A lot of CSA centers are guessing and assuming.

Is the above still the same? CSA are trying to take alot off me as they are accounting for my LOA when i was on tour in Canada.

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