Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by error_unknown, May 22, 2004.

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  1. Maybe she ain't ever got a good n proper lickin' . . .
  2. If you saw her picture you'd understand why.
  3. LNV posted at mil.com why?
  4. And I'm the man to give it her !!
  5. I feel sick, very sick at that thought 8O
  6. and she's dyslexic............?
    25 years...................wow!

    but really, how drunk would you have to be.......?
  7. I had a nice early night last night so I'm refreshed for todays FA Cup, and a drinking session that would scare Wacko Jacko black again !! So humping LNV is not a challange, it's half time fun and games. On Mil.com I've had a right laugh at some of the stuff wrote about you know who:

    This is soooooooo funny !! This is why we need people like BB and LNV. Entertainment value is priceless !!
  8. I suppose we should all feel sorry for these sad-sacs, except I don't. the Canadians have started culling seals again, do you think they'd do a few more hoofers and looney tunes as well :?:
  9. Who ever popped her had some poor eye-sight, or was wearing some thick arse beer googles. In the states we call that "Coyote Ugly". One would rather chew off their arm to avoid waking the cnut the next morning, and just sneak out undetected!! That is a typical 2:30-10 beers girl. They look good at 2:30 AM (closing time for taverns), and 10 beers later. Know what I mean!!

    So, I'm from that "other site", and dropped in on you guys. I am beginning to understand the animosity towards LNV, but I have yet to hear the whole story. I am guessing that someone gave her a Moderator position, and she ran off most of the people that she disagrees with? This kinda reminds me of that TopGunny Moderator there at military.com. You notice he's gone, and it was for that very reason. They should have never gave him the job, he took out many good long posting members because they disagreed. I can see booting those that are posers and trolls, but someone that has a different opinion and 3000 posts should not be treated that way. Especially those who are Veterans. That's just my opinion!!

    I think most of the Moderators there are the doing a pretty thankless job, and they do the best they can. But you also have to remember the site gets way more action than this one, and so there are way more non-contributing posters. "Shyit Stirrers" basically!! So what do the Moderators here do when there is a large faction of those types? Do you ban them or allow them to stay for the sake of free speech? I am just curious. Even if someone disagrees or holds the opposing side of a topic, it is still a viable contribution. I think it makes for a pretty boring conversation when the voice is only represented by one side alone. Hell, might as well talk to yourself!!

    Anyway, I hope you don't mind hearing from one of "them", because I would like to hear some of your views on what is going on.

  10. Jumper,

    we here welcome visits and the banter from you septics from across the pond. However, your lot at Mil.com got rid of GQ because of the same shiite hes spouting now. Free speech to express your beliefs and opinions is good, it encourages debate. His fault is he expresses nothing but "conspiracy" theories and I mean nothing but :roll:

    Now we Brits are a funny bunch especially those of us in uniform and we come here to this site to rant and rave about topics close to our hearts, the state of HMs Forces, pay, lack of beer and other dross and trivia relevant to the squaddies heart. He doesn't.

    Now we have 2 schools of thought at this site, ban the t0osser or keep him here as he's amusing us. I am off the first but can see the second (baiting you septics is fun :twisted: ).

    Now as for LNV, I wasn't here when all that went down. But I'm sure someone will comment.

    Anyway enjoy the banter, remember we will try to bait you being a septic :twisted:
  11. So the "TopGunny" that never made gunny got the boot? Cool - what a priccck.

    I am wondering what LNV did too but have not figured it out yet though it had something to do with the old GIJackoffs somehow.
  12. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm GQ what's the expression i'm thinking of........

    Can't quite get it..........

    It starts ..........

    GQ could you please...............

    But i can't get the rest,

    Anybody help me out here? :(
  13. Arrse has a justifiably proud history of being run by two guys that do not wield a big censorship stick, to my knowledge, only two people have ever been banned, dunno about the first and LNV was the second. She was banned for clogging space (i.e. flooding boards with garbage and making posts unintelligible), not for her “intellectual” or “convincing” prowess.

    Remember that we relish nutters, with all due respect to our spam friends (and all due disdain to the rednecks at mil.com), very few of the knobbers can last anywhere near as long over here as they do on the Spam sites, we are far better at dealing with them and mixing the incredibly intellectual with the incredibly offensive to such a degree that most of them voluntarily crawl off and die.

    How many other of the "military" sites have deliberately provoked visits from anti war, anti government, anti army etc etc sites apart from us?

    We have never lost an "internet war" yet and arbitrarily banning people will be the first step to admitting defeat. Letting the twats post on here and then watching them being ripped to pieces is much, much better fun :D