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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by iRondo, Jan 1, 2011.

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  1. At ADSC, what's an acceptable BMI? I am precisely 28 in my post-Christmas state and I've got Selection this Thursday. I am usually 27-something which I believe is acceptable / bordering on the maximum weight. Do I absolutely NEED to be below 28, will then send me home immediately upon weighing me or could I compete Selection but have to lose weight before beginning Phase 1 (which is easy enough)? I'd hate to be sent home for a tiny amount of weight after losing 3 stone this year to get to Selection!
  2. Not sure on the ins and outs of it, but you may be borderlining. I think if you're a high BMI they do a skin pinch thing (not sure what its called) where they see how much fat is on your belly. If you're rock hard muscle, it's your BMI being higher because of muscle weighing more.

    If you lift your t-shirt up and your stomach flops out over your trackies, you're probably in for a talking to.
  3. You can actually be upto 32 BMI, however if 28 or above you will do a caliper bodyfat test which cannot exceed 20% bodyfat.
  4. Thanks that's handy information. I think I'm borderline, I think perhaps they'll be lenient if they put me through. At the same time, throughout my recruitment process they've always weighed me and surely a recruiter wouldn't put someone forward to Selection unless they had reason to believe that candidate would pass?
  5. Total rubbish once again from someone who hasnt got a clue......I take it your re writing RIs and PULHEEMS.
  6. Overweight soldiers holding the Army back in Afghanistan, leaked memo claims - Telegraph

    Army forced to admit clinically obese because of recruiting crisis | Mail Online

    Army to calls up a bigger body of men - Times Online

    And the MO at ADSC told me the same info. The BMI system is rubbish because it will tell you someone like Johnny Wilkinson is obese when he is clearly muscular. The BMI system doesn't take into account muscle mass which obviously weighs more than fat.
  7. As said you are giving out totally wrong information....leave it to the medical staff and Recruiting system rather than you talking sh*te again. Only on rare occassions will some one close to 28 BMI be accepted at ADSC....dont use media sh*te reporting on your basis of telling people they will be ok
  8. I am 27.4 BMI and the MO said " You've clearly been pumping iron" and said no more, there was a big Fijian guy who was over 28 and continued. I've seen it first hand for myself and heard the facts from an MO, the links posted clearly tell the same story aswell.
  9. At Interview 3, senior recruiter didn't weigh me, he just said "You don't look overweight" and that was it, no more was said about it.
  10. So you wasnt at 32 BMI was you...as said Recruiters are told not to send anyone down to ADSC if over the BMI as they will be sent back...........only on exceptional circumstances after speaking to ADSC Med anyone around the 28BMI may be allowed to go down only on a case by case basis if ADSC med allows it with the Recruiter believing that the body fat is low...................However IRondo already stated that they have put on weight due to the XMAS break....so I doubt its muscle...also said they had to lose three stone aswell to get to that weight.

    L_N stop quoting things you have no idea about from the TIMES of all papers, remember how much sh*te you have quoted in the past.........I take it your starting basic training as a L/CPl and once in your regiment pencilled in for RSM with the ammount of knowledge you think you know.

    IRONDO speak to your Recruiter on Tuesday when the ACIO opens and see what he thinks...if your over 27.5 BMI after all the excess turkey and beer it might be an idea to try and cancell until your in the correct BMI range (that isnt up to 32 as Brigadier L_N states) or if it is muscle rather than fat then hopefully will seek advice from ADSC med.
  11. Unless there's been a newer report, that one still stands I would think?
  12. If you need advice then listen to 'The Iron' he does know what he's talking about.
  13. I can't wait until you start. I want to see you on the drill square pulling out your smart phone and downloading a .pdf to show the drill Sgt that he is wrong. :judge:
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