LMT straight-pull, anybody?

Apparently our American brethren have been persuaded to make a few straight-pull versions of the British Army's great new sharpshooter rifle - the L129A1. This do-it-yourself version is called the LM308SP, and, according to C&S magazine, they have already sold out the first delivery.

With a hanger of £3400 without any accessories of any kind, it's going to be a long time, if ever, before I see one, sooooooooooo, do of the plutocrats here have one they'd care to share with us poverty-stricken shooters?


PS - the REAL thing sells in the US [not with as-issued tan furniture] for just over $2800. Right now that's about £1850.00. And yes, I KNOW it has been messed about to convert the original design to the draconian UK laws......but a £1550.00 conversion? Gimme a break.


Apparently our American brethren have been persuaded to make a few straight-pull versions of the British Army's great new sharpshooter rifle - the L129A1. This do-it-yourself version is called the LM308SP, and, according to C&S magazine, they have already sold out the first delivery.
They sold both rifles? :-D

They appear to have a pretty thin demand in Europeland, with just a UK and IT distributor.

..and now the SIG 716 is setting the pace...
For the uneducated (i.e. me), what needs to be changed to comply with the 'draconian UK laws'?
Luckily you caught me on the Sabbath, and as a bar mitzvah [son of the law] it is my duty to instruct the ignorant.

Y'see, since 1988 it has been illegal here in UK to possess a semi-automatic centre-fire firearm of any kind. So here the numerous manufacturers have had to come to an accommodation with the manufacturers of the military-style firearms that we have a love affair with, to build them as manually-operated - straight-pull - firearms without ANY form of gas-assisted reloading facility. As such, the parts of the gun that appear to be the operating system are dummies, and the bolt is operated manually to exreact the fired case. There IS a recoil spring to assist in the tranfer of the round from the magazine into the chamber, however. Please note that I have, of the purpose of this post, ignored the southrn Gun Company's unique blow-back, manul releace 'lever-action 9mm carbine - which can be seen on Youtube under tac's guns 9mm manual etc...

Check out Mark Bradley Guns and Southern Gun Company, among others for straight pull rifles and carbines - there is even a Steyr AUG, a version of the Russian SVD sniping rifle, and numerous AKs as well. Note that it is NOT sufficient to render the gas-operating parts inoperable, or to simply miss them out altogether- the gun MAY look like a gas-operated firearm but the gas block and associated parts are usually solid metal. This means that the gun must be made, as original in the factory, as a stright-pull version in order to comply with the Section 1 Firearm rules. Of course, a cunning and highly-skilled firearms engineer might be able to do the necessary work to MAKE it into a semi-auto, but of course this would be highly illegal. Also totally unnecessary, as the criminal has the choice of the world's arms manufacturers that need no work to get them to function - even as full-autos.

I hope that has served to lessen your ignorance.

Please share your insider knowledge with the rest of us.

Last year; Shot Show; Press/Media Day on the Range(the monday): Had a cabby of a mag full and was personally pleased, my mucker (very experienced shooter and gun journo - he gets me into these things) was also pleased and I had to take lots of pics for him.

Zap forward to the tuesday: We are visiting the manufacturers stand to take some posed happy snaps of the rifle, big news as the "Brits are using it". Anyway, we are chatting in a group with a couple of the top people and a couple of other journos, who appear to have a military background, when the manufacturers blokes disappear for a few minutes they both start in on how they have had one on test and its not 100% reliable, blah, blah, blah. There were also a couple of other negative comments around in the press room. The problem with septic gun journos is that certain journos/magazines support certain manufacturers who pay wonga to advertise in the magazines and if you don't advertise your product is obviously shite.

Like I said I had a mag full through one, before I had a mag full through it there must have been 10 people I saw have a mag full through the same rifle followed by a half dozen more after me. We wandered off and after about 2 or 3 hours I saw the same rifle still being used with bullets happily going through it.

Its like everything there are always those who do and those who don't, its a choice when its your own money. In this case, for the money, I'd get a Sig 716.
Effendi - thanks for that. I'll be able to try one out for myslef in the next week or so - pal of mine in Oregon has the all-black semi-auto version with a duplication of all the stuff that the BA has put on it. He seems to like it a lot, even though it cost more than his present SUV.

He also has a LaRue, a Knight Industries AR and an original AR10. Did I mention a H&K PSG1?

I won't talk about the Desert Tactical Arms SRS and a .50cal HTI and all the others in his collection, though.

Enjoy the holiday and have fun.

I just bought A new one of these, just waiting on it to arrive. Got to get as many pieces as possible before any restrictions come into force, I'm on the next production run list for Uzi receivers and I am looking for a decent MP5 clone.

Anyone got an arctic stock for these?
Halfords and a can of their rattling-good paint is your pal here.

There was an issue stock with left hand side mounted sling swivel and that was called the arctic stock. I don't know why, there must have been a good reason in the brain cell of the civil servant doing the procuring. I like slings mounted on the side of the stock rather than on the toe side.

I'll put a few pics of the FAL up when it arrives.

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