LMG SPW contents

What is the clamp part for in the LMG SPW/WCK?

It's two aluminium blocks that clamp together with two socket head cap screws, springs hold the blocks apart. There is a square hole cut out when they are fastened together. Nobody I have asked knows what it's for....
Probably a crap idea, but could it be for some kind of rubber recoil absorbing thingy? Other than that, I haven't a scooby.

Any chance of a Digi Photo EX_STAB? Of the item that is...
Alternatively put it on the REME site, some Gun Bunny will know.
You haven't said how big it is. What's the minimum/maximum diameter thing that the cutout can hold? Is there any machining on the outside of the blocks (something like a rail, for instance)?

Well to be honest mate, anyone who actually knows what it is rather than trying to make a good guess won't really need to know the dimensions! :)

It's about 3" long, about 3/4" thick. The square cut out is about 1/2" closed up. These are all from memory. There is nothing in the kit to fasten up the allen keys though!
I'll have a glimpers through the AESP now for you - you impatient feckbag! :)

Edited to add: Hang on a mo, are we talking Bren LMG or Minimi LMG???
'Kin hell CC you aint that old!
I am tho'. I can't see the item above as Intranet wont let me.
It isn't anything that rings a bell (or thats jumping out of the Tech Pubs) either.

Where did you get it? This SPW item you talk of is it a throwback to early Hooligan/UOR long barrel jobbers? Can only recall it all being in the handguard then.

There was an item for rear sight wheel removal that had a chamfer on a bar. No springs and blocks tho'
Minimi. Sorry should have made that clear.
You were very clear, he is just a wee bit sloooooooooow. :)

I have loads of them at my place, the guys dont know what it is for but it is listed as pliers spring joint. It was probably codified wrong and no one has questioned it. But I could be wrong :)
Well, if it was anything else other than a part from a weapon, I would have to say that that square hole houses a rubber block of some kind to minimize vibration or noise, isolating one big bit of metal for another bit of metal. Especially if said bits of metal have springs between em.

Christ I've spent a while trying to figure out this little bugger too. I find no reference to it in the AESPs and gave up quite some time ago trying to identify what purpose it serves. If anybody brings one in to me these days I throw it in a corner.

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