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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Aug 9, 2010.

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  1. What is the clamp part for in the LMG SPW/WCK?

    It's two aluminium blocks that clamp together with two socket head cap screws, springs hold the blocks apart. There is a square hole cut out when they are fastened together. Nobody I have asked knows what it's for....
  2. Any idea anyone?
  3. Probably a crap idea, but could it be for some kind of rubber recoil absorbing thingy? Other than that, I haven't a scooby.

  4. Somebody must know! :)
  5. Tried looking at the pamphlet?
  6. I don't have the pamphlet, in fact we only had one pamphlet and we borrowed that, anyway it's gone back now.
  7. So no-one knows what it is?
  8. Any chance of a Digi Photo EX_STAB? Of the item that is...
    Alternatively put it on the REME site, some Gun Bunny will know.

  9. I don't have a photo, here's a rough cad model of it.
  10. Anybody? :(
  11. You haven't said how big it is. What's the minimum/maximum diameter thing that the cutout can hold? Is there any machining on the outside of the blocks (something like a rail, for instance)?

  12. Well to be honest mate, anyone who actually knows what it is rather than trying to make a good guess won't really need to know the dimensions! :)

    It's about 3" long, about 3/4" thick. The square cut out is about 1/2" closed up. These are all from memory. There is nothing in the kit to fasten up the allen keys though!
  13. I'll have a glimpers through the AESP now for you - you impatient feckbag! :)

    Edited to add: Hang on a mo, are we talking Bren LMG or Minimi LMG???
  14. Cheers! I'm amazed that nobody seems to know what it's for! :)
  15. Are we talking Bren LMG or Minimi LMG???