LMG mag box still in service

I used to love carrying this thing around, all those pointy edges to smash into your knee cap every time and the handle was such a well thought out design .

also good shot of the Char Wallah bringing up the tea :D

Is that black nasty around the top of his boots? :eek:
That helmet the guy in the top photo is wearing looks like the one the Rebel Commandos wear in Return of the Jedi! Which army is he from?
What rifle is that hes carrying?
Aha! Cheers guys, now I know-that rifle was annoying me, its looked like an AKM had a threes-up with a Galil and an SLR and that was the b'stard lovechild...I've seen diagrams of the INSAS before, but not colour pictures, always thought the furniture was plastic not wood-must get reading then! Indian Army then, is that some sort of bizarre helmet or a camouflage turban cover or what??
You may laugh, but them Rebel toms freed the Galaxy from Imperial oppression, I bet Admiral Ackbar and General Madeine ensured their pay and conditions were good, and instead of Headley Court they have a cool Medical Frigate with bacta tanks and surgeon droids, so they're pretty cool in my book...took a bit of a pasting on Hoth though...
What a pain that box was to carry till we had the bright idea of mounting the box on a clansman radio carrying frame.
Those puttees are definitely crap, but the charwallah concept is why the Indian Army is on the up, most certainly.

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