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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Andy632, Dec 9, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone remember the Course of Fire for the 1980's LMG pairs gun run using the LMG. I took part a couple of times but can't remember the target timings or number of rounds used.

  2. The start at 600 with 3 triple figure 11s, targets fall when hit, No 1 hits 2, applies safety, No.2 hits the other, makes safe, etc., type thingy??
  3. Volondiss wasn't it?
  4. Nah, start at 600, no1 on the gun, target exposed for so long, target drops, make gun safe, target appears, up & run to 500-down engage target, target drops make safe etc. down to either 200/100 then start all over again with no2 on the gun. Target exposure timings, rounds per target???
  5. Volongdis.

    Firers drawn up 10m behind 600m FP. 1-sec Exposure of the triple Fig.11 is signal to advance to 600m FP, engage 2x5sec exposures of triple Fig.11, then make safe / change firers. 1-sec Exposure of the triple Fig.11 is signal to advance to 500m FP, engage 2x5sec exposures of triple Fig.11, then make safe, change firers. 10 rds to be fired at each range. Failure to hit target at either range means you miss out on a 20-pt bonus. Make safe with a 20-rd mag.

    1-sec Exposure of the single Fig.11 is signal to advance to 400m FP, engage four exposures of single Fig.11, then make safe, change firers.

    Now the fun bit...

    30-sec exposure of the Four-foot screen (with a Fig.12 in the centre) is signal to advance to 300m FP, engage the target with the remains of the 20-rd belt/mag. That includes the run-down. Make safe with another belt/mag of 10, change firers.

    Then, IIRC, it was five exposures of a Fig.12 handheld at 200m; two rounds at each.

    The change was in the late 1980s, with the arrival of LSW - move from two-person gun team to "gun as an individual weapon", and being allowed to fire single-shot instead of being penalised for firing anything less than a 3-rd burst.
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  6. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Happy memories......not an economic situation meeting in my Blackberry in those days.... :)
  7. Ah memories - just looking at my green pot on the shelf which was won at the London Middlesex SR meeting for the LMG match (Volongdis) many years ago.

    BTW - Volongdis stood for Volunteers Long Distance Cycle shoot or somesuch - the cup was hi-jacked/re-badged IIRC.

    Honesty time now - how many have practised this shoot with the LMG (L4 7.62 Bren for the youngsters) and run off down the range with just a barrel in their hand? (Seen it but not done it myself but was as funny as **** when it happened!)
  8. The timings for that shoot are imprinted in my brain. When I started doing this in 1990 it was with a GPMG, as that it was my unit were equipped with. LMG and LSW firers fire the single-round by switching the change lever. With a GPMG you had to learn to do that through good grip and trigger control.

    When you say the the 400m to 300m practice is the fun bit, people who haven't done it won't quite get what a thrash it was. From being on your belt buckle at 400m, the sprint to 300m, make ready and then firing 16 rounds accurately into the screen was emotional, followed by a make safe of 10rds and two further advances. Good times, I wish I could still do it without needing counselling and traction afterwards.
  9. I did it with the GPMG on a few occasions!
  10. On Century Range at Bisley i think it was possible to have 30 Gun pairs all takeing part.
    When you reached the 300 mtr point all the GPMGs going for their figure 12 on the 4 foot screen to score most teams very abley single tapping for best score as the slower teams caught up masssive build up of noise then a slight dropping off as the No1 changed over with the No2 then slightly more "frantic" shooting as you didnt want the 4foot sceen to dissapear with rounds left to fire. (Swirl and Splash) + l12a1 binos
  11. Single tapping a GPMG took plenty of practice and a carefully balanced gun. We used to spend a lot of practice time trying to balance the gun down as slow as possible for just that part of the shoot.
  12. From what I remember we didn't switch over No1/No2 until end of run and it was a run down from 600-500-400-300-200 & possibly 100. I think 1982 was my last one.
  13. I think the Volongdis shoot that Gravelbelly posted is the one that came in with the LSW. The older version finished at 300m with the 'Naval unload' (fire the lot off!)
  14. I'd never heard of Gravelbelly's version, but I last fired a GPMG in the early '80s.

    The shoot I started describing in the 2nd post ended at 300m and all ammunition was fired. You'd be penalised if you fired a single tap before 300m, but at 300m single-taps were allowed. ISTR the maximum score possible was 54, hitting with all the available ammo at 300m and having dropped all previous targets with double-taps.
  15. I've been racking my alcohol-raddled brain on this one ( I was the Pam 21? guru hence my user name)

    I do recall gurkha shooting teams taking out two triple Fig 11s at 600 metres with one double tap.

    I think you had to knock down 3 triple Fig 11s at 600 and 500 between the no 1 and No 2. I forget what happened at 400m (3 triple 11s again???) but the 300m blastfest will stay with me for the rest of my days. :biggrin: