LMG and Load Carrying

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by robkedar, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. Found out today that Im off to afghan in october and was wondering if beltkits the way ahead on ops if your a minimi gunner? I've been using 2 of the PLCE minimi belt pouches on tessex and those aussie 200 round soft pouches, but Im not sure if its going to work over osprey?

    Is it worth getting any of the gucci rigs? Or is that the kit tart in me wanting stuff I dont need?

    I will ask the senior blokes when I get back from leave but would be nice to get some advice here first.
  2. This will do the trick..... :lol:

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  3. Try under the Osprey with stripped down webbing and a daysack
  4. It's all down to personal preference. Man bag (shoulder strap under Osprey) will give you a larger easy to hand capacity, with spare mags for emergency use either on Osprey or in pouches on bag. Or loose link in Double AK mag pouch on drop leg or Osprey. Try a few different options and find what suits you and your role best. Don't forget you can get daysacks with molle pouches
  5. Is that a wheelbarrow? If so are they issued on ops?
  6. Stop it! Best of luck on your tour. As they say.. "Get Some!" :wink:
  7. Cheers. Thats like my first wah ever, was a tad slow on the uptake when I joined battalion.
  8. right mate - if your carrying any kind of link - 5.56 or 7.62 - from experenice (im out there now) DO THE FOLLOWING

    belt kit is the winner - everytime. if it's uncomfortable with osprey other the top - look at getting an molle/osprey under armour beltkit from Kitmonster/Vanguard (cheap and it does the busniess). either way bin those silly lmg pouches and roll with either normal ammo or x 2 utility pocuhes.

    depending on your unit sop's - depends on ammo carried - 6 - 800 rds should be more than enough. stick 100 rds on the gun in that little bag - put a further 100 or so in your belt kit and then make 1 big fcuk off belt and put this in your daysack.

    try to avoid the 200rd boxes - the plastic 1's break and the canvas ones cause stoppages when the belt twists.

    use the rds in the 100rd bag first - to break contact or get into position - then get your daysack off and use the ammo in there. when its time to move - break the belt - daysack on and go!

    hopefully this has helped you. keep ya head down and good luck!!
  9. Of the photos I've seen of Aus MAG-58 gunners in the 'Stan, everyone seems to be wearing vests/chest webbing/patrol packs except the gunners, who wear their armour over belt-and-braces webbing with lots of link pouches on the belt. Looks like it would be a nuisance when getting in/out of vehicles all day, every day though...
  10. Such is life. However being uncomfortable when your being taxi'd around the area is worth it when you can be comfortable when you need to be.

    Belt kit is the only way forward with the LMG as unlike your mateys you'll be spending all of your time prone instead of most of it :D
  11. NOOOOOOOO!!!! Sensible and helpful posts will not be tolerated on this site!!!

    Take yourself away and have a good word!!! :lol:
  12. I've seen stripped down webbing work for some people but it can also be a nause. On some blokes they had to set the belt so low on their waists (to fit under their Osprey) that the LMG pouches just constantly gave them webbing sores on their hips and thighs. LMG pouches toppers with link also tend to bang about too much for my liking when you run. It can also be a nause wearing webbing when vehicle mounted too.

    Personally, I kept a 200 round plastic box on the gun which, admitedly, rattled around a bit but did the job. I then kept a 100 round soft box in a medium admin pouch on the left side panel of my Osprey, the rear of that panel being zip-tied to the back of the Osprey to prevent the velcro coming loose. (That hopefully won't be an issue with the updated Osprey.) This meant I had roughly the same scale of ammo on my person as a riflemen for immediate use.

    The rest of the link, as mentioned by others above, I kept in the main compartment of my daysack, along with the spare barrel and a big bottle of oil, in good-sized belts that could be fed when firing for a prolonged period of time.

    Couple of other points:

    - Obviously one that will vary depending on personal preference, but getting an optical sight fitted to your LMG will save you from having to ask a lad with a rifle to check out anything suspect that you ping, every time you notice something at distance.

    - If you do have problems with boxes giving you stoppages on the gun, try popping open the side panel or unzipping the pouch and stretching the belt out by hand.

    If that's a lesson in sucking eggs though, then I'll wind my neck in.
  13. Gasp!Another sensible, helpful post! What's going on? How can this be? The darkness, IT'S CLOSING IN! MUMMMMY!
  14. Cheers guys some very useful pointers. Susats are normally signed out with our lmgs as we rarely take them off, though I heard that ACOGs are now issued for them?

    Took a look at the vangaurd under osprey and it looks pretty good, i reckon I'll stick some minimi pouches on it and keep the back of the belt stripped down.
  15. ACOG's are like rocking horse poo at the minute but no doubt you should have them in time for deployment. Much nicer than a SUSAT.