LMG ammo

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Peter_Skellen, Feb 12, 2011.

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  1. Just looking for a few tips regarding carrying LMG ammunition? Whats the best ways people have found to carry the link? Webbing/manbag etc.

  2. In LMG ammo pouches?
  3. Yea good one... I mean whats the best methods people have found carrying the extra ammo outside of the soft pouches on the weapon system. loose in webbing pouches, day sack etc.
  4. You've answered your own question.

    Pouches and day sack, theres not much else to choose from.

    Man bag one point of contact not nice if its weighted too much.
  5. Belts of ammo hung around your body works well to have some ammo that is easily accessible while in contact. other than that the LMG webbing pouch or your daysack
  6. If I were you I'd quickly run for cover with a comment like that.

    You're about to open a whole can of worms, the its Ally, is bad drills etc argument will kick up now.

    Apart from being a secondary shrapnel risk, also allows the ammo to collect unwanted dust and debris while patrolling.

    I personally think it looks gash.
  7. They are quite good actually - they are designed for 5.56mm belt and they work. You lob the rest in your daysack - It ain't ******* rocket science. Adapt your carriage to suit your circumstances.
  8. Break it down to belts of 100, and the standard 3magazine pouches worked for our lot.
    then top pocket of the day sack was in belts of 400 I think, for when you get yourself settled in order to do something more deliberate.
  9. Worked well for me on Herrick 6, though I admit I only wore a belt around my body when I was expecting to be in a position where I would need quick access to more link without having to go in my daysack.

    I never had any stoppages due to shit or dust on the link, though i appreciate the secondary frag issue now, Herrick has changed alot over the last couple of years.
  10. No possibly not but is it worth introducing it into the mix, the last thing you want is stopages you could prevent just when you need that rate of fire.
  11. Swap out standard ammo pouchs for utility pouchs.

    Or use ammo pouches with only a small belt.

    Man bags are ok, but as mentioned abo e, they need padding a bit if heavy.