LLoyds sell bank accounts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hmmm, Jul 19, 2012.

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  1. Lloyds have agreed a deal with Co-Op to sell 632 branches.

    This includes the bank accounts that are held in those branches, anybody got a list of branches?

    BBC News - Co-op to buy 632 Lloyds bank branches

    Also I dont see how they can just sell peoples bank accounts.
  2. Probably the same way you. An buy an insurance policy with one firm and then ten years later when you make a claim discover it's been taken over by another one.
  3. Why not?
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  5. Not too much to complain about. Unless you are unhappy with an ethical investment policy.
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  6. Thanks TE, very useful.
  7. I have recently been dealing with a very dubious outfit called CapQuest who have bought up a lot of RBS accounts. I received some cryptic letters from an organisation called DVSL (which turns out to be a sock puppet of these CapQuest people) asking me to confirm whether I had ever lived at a certain address, then a follow up from a legal firm (which turns out to be a sock puppet of these CapQuest people) telling me DVSL were a legit organisation & I should answer them.

    Having done some research I realised this was a speculative approach (CapQuest try to get people to acknowledge debt that doesn't exist, then hound them to pay up if they do acknowledge it by mistake or by paying a sum "on account") and ignored the letters. Next thing I know I have a demand for payment for an account which doesn't exist. They have had a stature barred/cease & desist letter.

    People need to be aware of this, it is treading on the very edge of legality!
  8. Or unhappy about your money being used by the Labour Party...
  9. Try the Data protection route as well. Usually these companies register themselves as a Data thingy in their own name and then create all these sock puppet companies and forget to register them or don't bother.
  10. Seems they are anti-shooting and hunting as well.
  11. Santander picked up a load of branches via this route. The side effect is a lot of Northern towns now have 3 or 4 branches of the same grossly incompetent bank. Thanks for improving my freedom of choice.....
  12. I'm keeping my powder dry on this. Aside from the fact I wrote to RBS to close the account nearly ten years ago & had no subsequent correspondence at all they have sent me a letter telling me I owe a specific sum without establishing exactly who I am. That's a breach of DPA/confidentiality as well...
  13. Oh goody :)