Lloyds dives 40% on HBOS £10bn black hole

My instinct is to spend a quick £150 an buy LLOY but it was at 44p a month ago, so not enough of a dip. Secondly, Lloyds is clearly on its last legs now.

BBC website kept increasing the amount over the course of half an hour.
Started at £6.5bn, went through £8.5bn and now seems to have settled at £10bn.

The FT shareprice tracker is priceless:

Check out the trading volumes at the bottom. Approx ten mins before the announcement some fecker decides 'on a whim' to dump everything....
Christ, last time I saw a drop like that was on a ride at Alton Towers.


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So now we know where the UK's toxic debt has gone.


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I dont doubt for one minute that Broon and Captain Darling didnt know that the HBOS banker was in for a ten million pound bonus. They should have stopped it.

Obama... please make us the next US State... and hurry.

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