Lloyds Bank were up to very naughty tax things

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. Who dares say such a thing? That would mean Gordon Brown asked evil-doers to bail out HBOS only then to have to bail Lloyds out when HBOS turned out to be a giant crock of sh1t.

    Well Andrew Constantine, the former Head of Tax Compliance who claims he was fired for the following horrible crime:

    "For three years he made representations to board members that the tax planning adopted by the bank was unethical and amounted to false accounting"

    Mr Constantine may now be being rubbished by Lloyds (major shreholder HMG) but he is clearly not a nut case: he is now Head of Tax at Aviva.

    Oooo errrr.

  2. And the share price has risen 10% this morning!

    What a crazy world!

  3. This simply CANNOT be true - Brown personally organised Lloyd's absorption of HBoS.

    Lloyd's Bank, formerly an ancient, respected and well run bank, was enticed, by blandishments including the suspension of rules, into the maw of the delusional 'thicko' Gordon 'Bottler' Brown.

    Sadly, it is now, like Brown's other banks and Brown himself, a basket case.