Lloyd unlawfully killed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BoomShackerLacker, Oct 13, 2006.

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  1. He was in a war zone for fecks sake, slap bang in the middle of a firefight between US and Iraqi forces.
    Whilst tragic, placing yourself in that situation is a risk. He took that risk and unfortunately paid the consquences.
  2. The Coroner mentioned his findings last week after Royal Military Police investigator Major Kay Roberts appeared at the inquest and gave evidence regarding the video that was taken off the incident.
  3. Ridiculous.

    So, driving into the middle of a firefight in a high intensity war isn't a collosally stupid act?

    ITN's fault and they are cowards for not owning up to.

    BTW Neither 'TV' applied to a 4x4 with masking tape nor an anonymous green min-bus are symbols protected by international treaty.

    This will go no further in the courts but unfortunately will do little to discourage news companies from sending journalists on ill-conceived and recklessly dangerous missions.
  4. I recall journalists who went in as "independents" like Lloyd, who were found by Coalition forces and firmly "invited" to get out of the theater, whining about "freedom of the press" etc.

    Then independents like Lloyd get themselves wasted (which is what Coalition press policy was trying to avoid by forbidding independents in theater) and their families whine about "murder".

    If there are people popping off gunfire left and right, and I'm not recognized by either side, I'd say it's rather unwise to get between them.

    Stupidity kills.
  5. Quite agree. It won't stop ITN giving this old, tired and meaningless story a disproportionate amount of coverage tonight.

    But proposing the prosecution of the USMC for murder under the GC? Madness.
  6. This was a tragedy and I am all for press freedom, but with it comes responsibility. Wars are not fought for entertainment, and the military had an embedded system to protect journalists from themselves. If you choose to ignore it and then drive into the cross fire...

    Yes it was a pity the US troops fired at a minibus...but they could have thought that it was carrying anti-tank missiles or RPGs. These decisions would have been made by scared young men in the heat of the moment.
  7. what? how can the murder of unarmed personnel (even if they are journos) be tired and meaningless?
    If a member of your family was killed by trigger happy soldiers wouldnt you want it sorted?
    meaningless? prick!
  8. wasnt the minibus removing the casualties from the incident involving 'crossfire' at the time? if there is nothing to hide then why is there 15 minutes of vid footage missing?
    Im sure youll agree that it is very unlikely for the US to try to cover anything up! Its not as if they have done it in the past. :roll:

    beats me why thy dont just come clean for a change.
  9. Unlawful killing? Surely 'accidental' as opposed to 'unlawful'. Was there an element of 'intention' present? There has to have been an element of 'recklessness' attached to Mr Lloyd's presence in what was after all, a war zone.

    Anyone daft enough to put themselves in the line of fire (anybody's line of fire) runs a serious risk of being punctured. He knew the score, he wasn't some junior reporter hoping for the big 'scoop'.
  10. Murder or manslaughter???

    Murder would imply that the US forces set out intentionally to kill Mr Journo.

    If you are going to ignore warnings given concerning safety and continue to waltz around a hostile environment where rounds are flying....you only have yourself to blame.

    If you ignore the warning on a level crossing and get hit by a train, who is at fault?
  11. Junior - definately not.

    Big scoop - well, lets hope not. Not worth the lives of 1, let alone 3 people.

    I agree its a tragic loss, but I don't see why the USMC should carry the can for this.
  12. Makeshift Ambulance wasen't marked as such no red cross or crescent so
    potentially a target.I guess dosent sound very nice in a court room but then war isn't nice .If he got killed by US bullets why are british forces giving evidenice?
  13. The footage was taken by a cameraman attached to the tank unit alleged to have fired on Lloyd's convoy and was released to the Royal Military Police some months after the incident by American authorities.
  14. Now then. We have a Coronor reprenting the Crown stating that Mr Lloyd was unlawfully killed and consideration is being given to instructing the Attorney General to press charges.

    Please! can we really imagine PC Plod being given access to the troops involved their weapons and vehicles? There is no possibility whatsoever that the will US cooperate on this one and at best could retain in their jurisdiction. I don't know what evidence was recovered but I imagine that it ain't great and of course all involved have had a wee while to get their stories straight.

    I'm not knocking the abilities of either the UK or the US Police and Courts but what's the point?