LLAD Olympics gets off to a good start

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HE117, May 3, 2012.

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  1. Would have been more amusing to see them walking back, brushing away the crumbs of a Greggs pasty, or zipping up flies with some tart in tow...
  2. Well they weren't that far away, whatever they were doing!

  3. I think you're referring to the "Protecting Information (level 0/1/2...)" course, which mainly refers to electronic media, and is the Governments get-out-of-jail card to prove it is doing something about laptops in taxis (hint: instigating a course is always a good way of showing willing to pesky MPs and enquiry boards).

    The Army List of Classified Equipment (ALCE) would specifiy the physical classification of an unloaded HVM - I would guess probably restricted. In that case, SOPs for handling restricted equipment should be followed.

    What it does boil down to though, is the kind of bad drills that any crow would find himself getting beasted for at depot...
  4. Reckon there will be tears before bedtime when GOD finds out?
  5. As an aside, much of the kit in British warship's ops rooms is classified to some degree. I can think of one bit of kit that's about the size of a toaster that's actually owned by the yanks. The yanks refused to grant clearance to the commonwealth types that started joining up 10 years ago. That's why commonwealth personnel were unable to join the warfare branches.

  6. Don't look now, but that piece of equipment is no longer so secret...

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  7. That radar screen appears to be working - can't be gen!
  8. Must try harder.
  9. Isn't Mr Whelan the Irish gentleman I saw on the television the other day,complaing about these "weapons" just above his head?
  10. ...no shit Sherlock :nod:

    remind me - was "pile the kit up at the main gate and go for a fag" ever a part of the drill for occupying covert (or even overt) OPs in the day..?

    We used to be able to sneak blokes into the attics of occupied terrace houses in Belfast without the occupiers being aware..!
  11. Yeah, 'cos I'm not a drop short?
  12. All part of the bigger media op to ensure that the wider audience get to see what could potentially be pursuing them across the skies of south-east England. Or some such shite.
  13. Aye the loft insulation business can be tricky.
  14. This could be interesting, actually. The trend for gobbing off at coppers whilst recording it on a mobile phone is all well and good - but may pan out significantly differently when applied to pissed off infantry soldiers.