Lizzy, Sykes, Schenker, Et Al

Anyone out there still listening to Sykes/Lizzy/Whitesnake?

Rock Music from the 80's/90's, albums, tours, favourite guitarists?

Anyone care to discuss music from those times and what the Bands/folks are up to now? Gizza shout then......cheers

perhaps chat about memorable live gigs you saw....for me, it's got to be
Berlin Waldbuhne 1989 with the 'Snake, and Scorpions. Anyone listening to Yngwie Malmstien, or Mr Schenker?


UFO with Michael Schenker i still listen to regularly - never got to see them with that line-up. i saw them at Newcastle Academy in 2006 on the 'Monkey Puzzle' tour. Phil Mogg is almost 60 :lol:

i used to to really love Marillion with Fish on vocals. went to see them once in 1988 and went to see Fish last year.

Guns n' Roses are really good! never got to see them live, but i managed to get to Velvet Revolver's gig at Newcastle a couple of weeks ago. Slash is still an omnipresent being! 8) (there are a few bootlegs of him and his blues ball band knocking about on t' net)

i used to love Thin Lizzy. i got a dvd of a gig from 1978 in Sydney a while back. with Phil Lynott they were the business.

nearly all the music i listen to is hard rock-type: Gnr, VR, Motorhead, Scorpions, UFO (mainly 'Strangers in the night'), Hanoi Rocks (saw them at Newcastle a few weeks ago. it was like they've never been away).

i'd like to see Guns n' Roses reform, but i can't see it for a while, there is still some friction between Axl and Slash.

i would have loved to have got to an original lineup AC/DC gig (with Bon Scott) he was as cool as you could get 8)

i used to like Rush as well, but they are too 'synthy/post-modern' for me now :lol: their early stuff was good though (up to 'Farewell to Kings')

the best gig i've been to was Velvet Revolver last month. i was right at the front, the place was packed to the rafters and the whole building was rockin' :lol:
Scott Weiland is such a f%$*^@£ prima-donna though. he's leaving after this tour is finished anyway.
lill said:

"i used to love Thin Lizzy. i got a dvd of a gig from 1978 in Sydney a while back. with Phil Lynott they were the business."

Well: Gary Moore is good live (Hannover 1992). John Sykes is a close second.

Schenker......from G-Force in the '70s to MSG and beyond (recent releases of UFO stuff). "Save yourself" is pretty impressive. I last saw MSG in
Nottingham with Robin McAuley. Shenker's brother, Udo, played Scorps obviously. They were cool in berlin, at the time the wall came down.

Lill: ok, have you watched the Live 'n' Dangerous DVD (video and live concerts from '75 - '83) ? John Sykes is scorching on the (Hitchen) Thunder and Lightning opening gig, which was recorded and broadcast live on the air.

As for the rest, well, there's a grand selection of names with a few memories ! Congratulations on your taste.

I have a poster of the bad Boy Live tour signed by John Sykes. The bad Boy stuff is arguably some of his finest work of this decade. Good to talk to you. And no, this isn't patronising you.
Schenker on or just finished a uk wide tour.Quireboys (Moggs nephew on tour) Whitesnake and Def Leppard to co tour throughout UK new albums on way/
Didnt realise that John Sykes wrote so much of Whitesnake 97 for which he received no credit, and got the boot from petulant Coverdale.

Still of the Night for one, Here I Go Again (original) for another.

Check out Sykes Bad Boys Live, not bad, not bad.

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