It has recently come to my attention that a small part of the Corps are now referring to IS types (ADP Spec all the way through to CSE (I)) as Lizards.

Its about time there was a proper term for them.

Never heard that myself - in the not too distant past - 2yrs I retraded to CSE so being one of the new breed im probably not privvy to what the corps is calling my fellow tradesmen and I - I did think Geek was the title of preference however I could be wrong.

Should you all be lost for ideas of a name I can offer one I feel would be appropriate - It was used for the trade I used to be and deep down still am despite the fact that it has now long since died a death - (TG) and the name would be GOD.
Its about time there was a proper term for them.
You've never heard them called Coneheads??

But surely it has to be IS Chimps. Or just simply Chimps.

I mean it can be misheard as Gimps and they are nothing more than cable monkeys and box swappers of a monkey see, monkey do of the lowest order.

For less than obviously reasons and to quote Les Grossman

'But seriously a nutless monkey could do your job!!'
Yes we are but Communications Systems Engineer (Information Systems) or Foreman of Signals (Information Systems) doesn't really roll off the tongue as easily as Lizard.
Crikey, I bet you don't like the sound of the snappily-titled Driver Lineman Storeman either.

We should probably take CSE(I) out the equation as they are on the way out. Plus call me Mister Picky, but it seems a bit late in the day to switch from "conehead" to "lizard" a whole decade after the ADPs died out.
2 syllables easier than 17. Conehead can be confused with other things. Lizard just seems to fit.

You don't have to like it. Just heard it and thought it was funny just as asking storemen where their linebelt is is funny.
I think Lizard is spot on.. they are obviously some sub specie of scaleyback

1. Spend most of their time sunning themselves somewhere at the back of a shed.
2. When approached, scurry away into dark corners.
3. When cornered, can give you a nasty bite.
4. Certainly as reliable and trustworthy as your average lizard..

(don't know about bits of their anatomy falling off when grabbed.. not done that - don't really want to try!)
I think Lizard is spot on.. they are obviously some sub specie of scaleyback
That's a fair one, I can't argue your logic.
It must be time for all the trade names to change again anyway, so we can have more "no, never" proclamations of outrage (ideally said in an Ian Paisley stylee), old sweats spluttering into their tea and so on. There is an impending SOinC HO/TO (maybe happened already?) so you never know....
All trades to be combined and we become Signallers providing Signalling. That's how I read the SOinC vision for the Corps.
New SOinC disagrees and reinvents all past trades including flag op and pigeon keeper. LAND gets bored and puts the dental corps in charge of comms.

IS remain Lizards.
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