Lizard People of Doom

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bat_Crab, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. My personal favourite conspiracy theory has to be that of the shape-shifting lizard illuminati who secretly rule the world. One proponent of the lizard theory is John Rhodes who runs the website:

    Apparently the world is run by a subterranean race of humanoid lizards. However Rhodes fails to explain how a race far more advanced and intelligent than us has failed to take control of the planet's surface and merely busies itself with tinkering around at the edge of our existence.

    For more hilarity visit Above Top Secret which is, frankly, a wet dream for those who find conspiracy theories hilarious.

    Remember the CIA destroyed the Twin Towers, Lizards control the earth, the Bildeberg group seeks to establish a New World Order under the control of the evil UN and the world will end in 2012 because the Mayan calendar says so and the Mayans were controlled by aliens so they must be right.

    Edited for letting a five year old write my post.
  2. I once received an email asking if I would reveal the secrets of time travel or had the parts (don't recall what they all were) to complete a time travel device. It was actually a very long winded and serious sounding email.

    I replied that I did indeed have such parts but that parting with them would cost a lot of money. Never heard from him after that.
  3. I was wondering what had happened to my flux capacitor and ion accelerometer. Just try not to kill my great-grandfather on your travels won't you?
  4. Having checked out the alarming warning from 'a Norwegian politician' on the Above Top Secret link, 'New' Labour must be chuffed to monkeys that a Dark Star will destroy all life on the surface of the planet - thereby avoiding the inevitable embarrassment of their failure to deliver the London Olympics on time.

    Although hang on a minute....all that land compulsory purchased in East London.......projected costs many times what it should cost to build a stadium and swimming pool....they're building an underground bunker in the guise of an Olympic Village. Just for them though, not for us. Oh God, the world will be repopulated by Gordon Brown and Ruth Kelly as the new Adam and Eve - a race of one-eyed, hermaphrodite dwarves, devoid of any fun and all common sense, the world re-created in their own appalling image. God, someone get me a pistol.
  5. It's worse than I thought, I'd rather face my fate at the hands of the lizard people than some pseudo-gamine porridge wogs hell bent on establishing Brownite Blairism in the wake of Armageddon.
  6. David Icke and Reptilian humanoids
    We reptilians are gentle folk provided there is a steady supply of juicy hamsters.
  7. [/quote]We reptilians are gentle folk provided there is a steady supply of juicy hamsters.[/quote]

    I prefer Squirrels. With a nice Chianti.....
  8. But perhaps the counter attack has been started in Miami, FL, US

    The CIA cleverly covered their tracks by getting scientists to claim it is a natural phenomenon but we know better don't we.
  9. Its all in my Avatar. :roll:
  10. You mean the Stonecutters are Lizard People as well?! 8O 8O
  11. Not quite old boy....the lizard people are members of the stonecutters. shhhhh. :roll:
  12. Blairite Brownism? What if it should turn out to be Brownite Blairism? The horror...the horror...

    Edited to add: Actually the lizard people have been really nice to work for, so much more "people oriented" than the Giant Space Ants from Nekralon Beta 5...with them its just "Queen, queen, queen...all the time"
  13. Is this really a conspiracy theory or merely sounding out plot devices for saturday morning japanese animated cartoon show for kids? i can come up with so many conspiracy theories, I could be a writer for Dallas( if it was still being made!)
  14. No more or less convincing than any of the mainstream religions out there 8)