Livingstone Faces Racism Hearing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MOD_Oracle, Dec 13, 2005.

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  1. Well, we can only hope that Livingston, as one of the "pioneers" of political correctness can now reap what he has sown.
  2. Don't forget. It's selective Political Correctness. It's OK to be nasty to WASP's and Jews.
  3. It is not so much PC böllocks gone mad but simply civilised behaviour to avoid saying such thing especially when you have just ascertained the guy is Jewish!
  4. Still doesn't excuse making such a remark. Even if the guy wasn't Jewish ithe remark was ignorant and rude without any justifaction. The remark displayed the biggoted mindset of the chattering class.
  5. What wrong with being ignorant and rude?
  6. True...The great man does it so well.....

    But the downside is that sometimes, someone decides not to reply verbally but puts a fist into your offending mouth..
  7. Money on he'll get a slapped wrist?
  8. Not wasting my money on that one!

    Note, mr.Finegold asked a question. He knew that the mayor didn't wish to answer but repeated the question many times.

    Mr.Finegold said that he was offended but immediately repeated his question. So was he really feel himself insulted? I doubt. In this context mr.Livingstone had right to think that this declaration was only a figure of speech.

    Note that words like 'nazi', 'fascist' were not used by the mauor. From formal point of view, camp in Guantanamo is a typical concentration camp. So mr.Livingston could say that actually he meant namely Guantanamo and comparison with noble American guardsmen is not offensive.

    As we see mr.Fingold kept on repeating of his question. So at least his emotional reaction (if we ever can say about emotional reaction) was strange.

    Here we see a clear statement made by the mayor. He said "It's nothing to do with you". It means: I haven't anything againts you personally.

    First time a word 'fascism' was used. But it was not directed against mr.Finegold personally.

    Now compare it with

    As we see a word 'nazi' was not used at all.
  10. Originally, when i first read about Livingstone's comment I was a bit taken aback, more so when he refused to apologise. Having had time to reflect, what did he actually do wrong?
    The British actually first instigated concentration camps, albeit not as bad as the more notorious Nazi death camps, so if the guard thing was levelled at me is it racist? Should I be upset? Yes, but only because such a comment should highlight that my behaviour was making someone uncomfortable. The reporter should learn his trade.
    I am not racist, and have a deep sympathy for the victims of the Holocaust, but Israel in some of its past actions/reactions has proved its infinite capacity for revenge.
  11. I have forgetten to add, that on the place of mr.Livingstone I would bring apologies, though unlikely that I would use such words as 'war criminal' or 'concentration camp guard'.

    Btw, why the mayor hasn't even one body-guard?
  12. This is England, old boy, the land of the free, where the elected representatives of the people are secure in the knowledge that they hold the respect of the masses, and are lead to Utopia by the Mighty Blair.
    Red Ken may be slightly mad, but i do have a sneaking regard for his honesty, integrity and intelligence. Plus, anyone who gets booted out of the labour party must be ok in my book (yes, I know he's back in now!)
  13. Livingstone is a terrorist sympathiser and is in the same mould as Galloway, come the English Civil War, he will be invited to spend time in one of my planned "Re-education" centres in order to learn the error of his ways as will all enemies of the English people!! Vote now for a Greater ENGERLAND!!