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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by lemonkettaz, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. What do you guys do whilst joining? I ask because I may hit a really sticky situation...

    I'm moving into a student house with 5 of me mates september and I started an army application, I left Uni last year but I managed with a bit of student loan that was left over, plus I didnt have to pay council tax, however starting september I won't have any loans to keep me afloat and all im working only part time because there isn't enough hours for full time...

    With rent and council tax I will be sinking monthly and with the army looking really full, I could be sunk by the time it comes to any sort of phase 1 training :p will this affect my application because there is something about debt of £300 a month, well I will be topping that with the rent and tax.... Is there any help I can get, financially if I cant get any full time hours?

    Hope someone has been in a similar situation....

    p.s. If push came to shove I'd have to move back home, but Id still have to pay my rent til they get someone new in to replace me wouldnt they?
  2. ig you have debt when you try and join then dont tell them, as long as you can manage during basic.
  3. Rent isnt when you go into basic that outspend will be gone! The dept is loans martgages cards etc...I believe its 275 and i had to pay all my card off to become under that amount!
  4. I dont have any credit cards, however I spent 2 years at uni and probably have around £10000 in student debt... what a waste :(

    During basic how much is the monthly salary?
  5. My mates that have gone to/are at uni reckon your student loan comes out as 5% of your pay cheque when you earn over 15k. You wont be earning that in basic so you'll be alright.

    Even 5% isn't anywhere enough to stop you from joining for when you do have to start paying.
  6. I think the kit looks like the biggest worry lol, think i'm going to have to scav of me ma!

    But yeh the Uni loan should'nt be a worry as you don't pay back until your earning 15K+ as said, and also their are a lot of people joining straight from uni and t hasnt affected them.
  7. Almost right - this is what I currently do for a living (student loans)!

    You repay 9% of whatever you earn over £15,000 gross per year. This is calculated on a monthly basis though, so if you did a shed load of over time it would be worked out as 9% of that over the year but for one month (I realise that sounds ridiculous but it's how it works).
  8. The student loans website shows how much ya repay for each pay bracket.

    It comes straight outta ya income i think if ya want. PAYE makes the govts business so easy lol. Im in same situation uniwise and i know it doesnt affect ya army application.

    Council tax will hit me hard too matey between september and when i get to basic.
  9. I've just finished basic training and I went to uni and have about 12k debt. They don't count your student debt when you apply because of how it works. I haven't started paying mine back yet as I still don't earn enough to have to start paying it. When you do eventually earn enough the student loan company will start taking the money out of your account.
  10. I'm not even sure how much council tax is in Newcastle, but im guessing we are living closer to the centre come september, so I'm looking at over £1000 I'd say...

    Which means, potentially I have to work 35-40hrs a week just to have a bit of money for myself every week.

    At the moment I'm working 14hrs a week.... :) the math don't work
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  12. Good idea really. Otherwise a rather unhelpful reply but hey.

    Lemon, best i can suggest is grab as many hours a week from current employer as ya can and maybe find a flexible 2nd job in another pub or at supermarkets. Shift in stores is often good pay if knackering work.

    Get as fit as you can as fast as ya can too matey. As getting a good result at adsc will get you into basic faster (depending on a vacancy arising of course)

    Im no expert and il probably get grief here but im just echoing similar advice given to me by my recruiter
  13. i don't see it as being unhelpful, more as an awakening to the fact that in the current financial climate
    people are having to work much more than 35-40 hours to make ends meet
    not to have a bit of money for themselves i might add
    but to put food on the table for their families, pay mortgages etc

    it came across as a bit whiney IMO
    but good advice on the jobfront though
    and i'd be hitting the agencies for any work i could find

    however having had a change of heart
    if the OP gets some nekkid pics of the blonde in his FB pic posted here then all will be forgiven :D
  14. why not join the TA, the if u like go to regs. That way TA pay and your civvy job
  15. Possible idea but he's in middle of an app to the regs. The current climate is hard on us all alas. Id just say work anywhere ya can as much as you can and best of luck