living unaccompanied while in Germany

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Tumanfa, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. Basically what I want to know is what I can spend while the hubby works hard lol

    He is abit confused what we will be entitled to while living unaccompanied.

    Untill sunday he is posted at catterick and is then to return to battalion in Germany while me and the kids retain the quater here untill we move to cyprus around august time.
    He isnt actually returning to battalion straight away as he has 2 different courses then he has been given easter leave early before he does some course to complete seniors as he didnt get on lftt as he was on reserves.
    So he wont phyically be back in Germany untill the end of april.

    Ive managed to find the single rates for a cpl and wondered if they are the same as unaccompanied?
  2. Single & Married Unaccompanied rates of LOA are the same. Whilst on his course he should get LSA (according to whatever Level he is on) and when he is unaccompanied in Germany he should get LSA Level 1 but his LSA days won't accumulate towards his LSA total. Unless he is classed as Involuntary Separated (I recall an earlier post you mentioned about your situation) when he would get full rates of LSA. Involuntary Separated is when it is basically the Army's fault you remain in UK. If it is your choice, he is classed as Voluntary Separated and would only get Level 1. Hope this makes sense!
  3. From what you described earlier about remaining at Catterick before a posting to Cyprus, you are INVOLSEP and will get the better allowances.
  4. Thank you for your replys, im not sure why i didnt thank you before, sorry wasnt being rude!

    We have now decided to go unaccompanied as cyprus doesnt appeal to me one bit and i need to work, being a house wife is driving me insane so my next question is, as we are now going unaccompanied through our own choice I dont suppose the army helps out with cost of removals?

    Oooo also, as hubby only had one day from when his course finished in brecon to when he had to be in Germany he just packed the bare essentials to last him untill Cyprus but now that we wont be moving together and im still in catterick am I able to get an allowance to send the rest of his gear to cyprus as he has got bugger all civi clothes and he is gonna want stuff for his room in the block, Ive still got boxes of crap in the garage from when he was living in the block before. And if I can do it who would I need to speak to to sort it?

    Thank you in advance incase I forget again
  5. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    You need to speak to the unit welfare in Germany. I hve PM'd you
  6. Why wouldn't you want to go to Cyprus?? one of the few decent postings left - will only be 2 years and will fly past - did for me & family!!

  7. I can guarantee that you are making a monumental mistake in not going to Cyprus.

    For family life it is undoubtedly one of the best postings going.

    You can plan months in advance when to have a BBQ as the weather is always going to be hot, sunny and did I mention hot?

    Obviously if you are an overweight ginger haired lass who is insanely jealous of trim tanned women then please do not go.

    There is nothing more off putting then witnessing a lardy sweaty bird at a mess function.

    On the plus side, if your husband does go unaccompanied he will be humping for Britain - there are hordes of female tourists who crave a soldier's musky tip.
  8. After 24 yrs living on camps and garrison they are all the same, sun or no sun and thank you for the assumption that my husband cant be faithfull!
  9. Have you ever witnessed a 22 year old Russian beauty masturbating herself in front of you after a 9 hr drinking binge in Protaras?

    If your husband gets the chance to have a go on her, you, the kids and the wedding vows will be ejected quicker than his seed into the Russian's gullet.
  10. Ill be sure to let him know you gave him the nod!
  11. Cheers Tumanfa,

    Kind Regards,