Living through the guilt of surviving


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This is a serious matter - and all power to Gdsm Pearson.

But by posting it on the RAF Forum, you're going to get a lot of people thinking it's about the trauma of having worn light blue.


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I agree with Oldsnowy, MODS please move to a suitable forum, leaving it here doesn't do this justice.

MoD RSS slap yourselves.....


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Dear MoD_RSS.

Why not turn your chair around, look out the window and communicate with the rest of the world?

No, really. Take a look at the mission you are charged with and ask yourself if posting on ARRSE is really reaching those parts of the world who are clueless about the MoD?

I do not wish to cattle your career Charlotte, but saying you got 200 hits on the ARRSE is not going to line you up for a media mermaids job with Princess Productions.

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