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Thank you Steven and Alsacien for your inputs. Will continue to keep low profile. :D

Maybe I should join the Submarine Service, they're good at hiding. :w00t:


Drlligaf said:
Thank you Steven and Alsacien for your inputs. Will continue to keep low profile. :D

Maybe I should join the Submarine Service, they're good at hiding. :w00t:
The Jerry tax advisor is also not liable for any mistakes in the tax return, so you can even get retro-screwed if you get it wrong which is easy in complicated situations. Its the only area of the Jerry civil service that is increasing, I swear they are on a commission. My Mrs has taxable income in Germany, me not since a contract in 98, but we lost 15k in court 3 years ago, and won 3.5k back this
Turns out they can see everything regarding your income via the schufe (credit rating system) if you ever had a loan or mortgage etc - but they cannot use the information (except to see whether its worth going after you).
1. Not too sure on the years for the NI for a pension.

I was told by the twat from the NI office that as I was out of UK for a year (this was last June) I need not pay class 2 contributions yet. But that the ruling was going to change to 30 years for a full pension.

2. My accountant told me that even though the Uk did not agree to the Euro in 200 it DID agree to open its books to the EU TAX man . Thats why so many Irish (Southern type) got knobbled by their tax as quite a few had off shore accounts on the Isle of Man.
Im after a wee bit of tax advice for here in Germany

I left in Apr 2007 settled here in Hermany after getting a mortgage on a house in MG (wife is German). I work in Azerbaijan for half the year (month on month off) which has a reciprocal tax agreement with Germany I think the rate is 42% my company pays to the Azeris o my behalf. Pension gets paid into UK bank account and is taxed at minimum tax ( I even got a rebate after submitting a tax return)

My Salary gets paid in dollars but obviously gets converted to Euros before it hits my German Bank - UK based colleagues do not pay a cent to the taxman

Question is therefore, am I liable for German tax ?

does anyone know a good steurberater for my situation ?? if so could you PM me with his/her contact details

Thanks in advance
Just got paperwork from Inland Revenue, confirmed, in writing, only 30 yrs required, so you old and boldies who have 22/24 yrs of NI paid, just pay another few years and you have a full UK pension at 65!
I belive that resident in the UK even when you have paid the NI for 44 or now 30 years you still have to keep paying , but you get nothing extra ,till ypu retire ,. or can anyone correct me on this ??
yr right, if your a UK resident, you cant stop at 30, you just keep paying! If your overseas, it is 30 yrs.
Bullshit - the other option in my case was stay in the UK for NOW and pay 40% tax - wish I had done the same as you and woody :-(

Happy New Year and all the best in Denmark m8
I've got 4 years left then staying in Germany. I have my own house already, but will have to see one of these Steurberater geezers I think just to make sure we're sorted. Sounds scary paying 800 bucks extra.
Thanks for the info on the 30 years onf NI payments for a full pension. I left 10 years ago and had paid in 15 years worth. I didn't continue on the understanding that probably when I retire there will be no such thing as a pension as we now know it. I guess when I get to 50 I can start paying in to meet my full 30 years contribution.

Knowing my luck though, I'll get hit by a bus at 64.


Even if in the UK you havent made all the payments they still give you a state pension. My Mum collects a rather better one than she first expected despite never having kept up payments over the years.
Another point to consider. My Dad moved to Ireland in the '60s but continued to pay his contributions in the UK. At that time the UK state pension was much better than the Irish one. Unfortunately for him the Irish one is now better than the UK one. I suppose the moral of the story is that the state pension in the country that you are living may be better that the UK one so check. No guarantees that it will always be that way though.

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