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Hi troops hope you're all well in this crap weather! I'm going to piss some people off posting this question on here (why don't I just ask my admin office) unfortunately they are run off their feet at the moment sorting out lads who are deploying. I am considering moving into a private rent and commuting into work (80 mile round journey) each day as we have a sprog and I don't wish to live in a service house as I plan to leave the army once the job market opens up a bit and I've done my HAZMAT. Have spoken to the rear party OC and he's told me as I've got a few years service with no major dramas the CO should green light it no bother. Just wondering what allowances I would be entitled to and how much (at a guess) this would come to each month so I can start to factor it into my budget. There are plenty of affordable places ideal in my local area so it would be great to find out the army could make it even more affordable and I can still keep my mrs happy with shoes and handbags!
I would suggest that you start with JSP 752 – Tri Service Regulations for allowances (available on ArmyNet), assuming that you can read of course ^_~
You would be entitled to Home To Duty (Private). I don't have to rates but it is unlikely to cover your fuel with todays prices. As it is your choice to live in your own home you have to make a contribution of 9 miles (I believe) so you won't get the rate for the whole journey.

There are no other allowances that I am aware of.

Have a google around for the Governments Key Worker Scheme as it offers some financial incentives for buying and renting.

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