Living Out

I was wondering if anyone could help me with where to find information on living out. I'm due to move to 32rg at larkhill. I'm also getting married soon and as my girlfriend works in bournemouth I was wondering what the situation is on living off camp so we can get a house nearer to there and both commute to work.
Cheers for any help.
When I lived out in the 'shot (bear in mind this was early 80's) I had to write a DO letter to my OC who then copied this to my CO with his backing. This was then signed and agreed to by CO and then had to be forwarded to local UAO to be struck off ration role. Process took about a fortnight but was infinitely better than living in Rhine Bks transit block with half the 22yr (service - not age) full screws from the RCT who couldn't be accommodated in Buller Bks to attend their discharge courses. A vital piece of equipment at the time was the waterproof 'string' you wore round your neck when taking a shower with your locker key attached as your locker would be rifled if you left it open!

Things may have changed by now though (the process I mean).

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