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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by b_ollo_cks, Sep 28, 2005.

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  1. As a JNCO can you rent off camp after phase 1 and 2 training? What is the single living accommodation like in general as i'm applying for the INT CORPS and RE, just got 64 in my BARB today.
  2. hey hey hey , hold your horses young mr bo_llocks

    Why so quick to live off base , not even joined up yet and already wanting to throw yuor money away

    ISTR that its at the CO's discretion and as a new chappie I'd imagine he / she would want to keep an eye on you !!

    Anyway , living in is great, all the money in your bank belongs to you , nothing for water leccy or gas and rent already taken out at source

    Beer vouchers mate , beer vouchers

    Or is there a women in the frame already , eh ? eh ?
  3. It's not called a base, its called a camp or barracks, you only get bases on operational tours or on walt web sites, besides, as Polar said, living in is remarkably cheap and seeing as most of the army is based in the south of the UK you would pay a large chunk of your wages (low wages at first too) in rent, council tax, bills and food. Much better to live in and be looked after for a few years. Besides, being a young singlie is fun, it just gets tiresome later on when you ar 30 and still liveing in the block as a JNCO.Then you should move out.
  4. There might be a serious lady friend soon, but no way in hell am I getting married yet! Whats the deal with girlfriends in the army? What about pulling birds as well, how can you meet any when your living on a camp full of blokes and butch girls?!
  5. thats the spirit , you'll pull loads on a decent camp, naafi birds are usually well up for it, they love young squaddies and their witty chat up lines. If you are that worried about singly accomodation then I'd recommend phoning the local barracks and asking for a tour of the facilitys, I'm sure they'd be only to happy, friday nights are usually best
  6. hehe naffi birds! like that stunner off bad lads army, she'd fall for my wit any day
  7. b_ollo_cks,

    If you go for Int Corp, you'll end up at Chicksands which is a fairly decent base but the Int Corp block was known as Beirut Block when I was there. To be honest, it was in a fairly sh1te state when I was there but I believe new accomadation is being built now or it already has done. Living out at Chicksands (and you probably won't be allowed anyway) is prohibitively expensive! I know a couple of guys who did who were permanent staff and they dripped like hell at prices in the general area. Save your money for getting lashed up in the bar on a wednesday night. You've got Milton Keynes not too far away and that is good for shopping. Bedford itself is,well, each to their own. Thats all I'll say on that one.
    The females at Chicksands are (or were when I was there a few years ago) very easy on the eye. Oh yes. And there was a female Int Type there (Initials NL) who looked like Flick out of Neighbours. She was lovely!!! The naafi birds when I was there were ROUGH AS FCUK but hey, any port in a storm!!
    And Chicksands is a base-its not a camp or barracks!
    If you've got any other questions feel free to ask!
  8. b_ollo_cks

    Dont forget that you will deploy on an op tour, so where ever you rent, buy, share you'll still pay bills when you're away. Telly, 'tinternet, all the rest of that shat.
    Plus you'll have to cook. Believe me when your skint the cookhouse looks fairly good opposed to a tin of tesco value beans!
  9. do us a favour mate, go for something else.
  10. Chicksands is a camp get over it. It used to be American they left and took Burger King, KFC, the Cinema and the bowling alley with them! Therefore it is a camp as we are real soldiers.

    What cannot be argued with however is Chicksands chicks! Very tasty indeed!

    Bo*l*cks - Do not, i repeat, do not live off camp as a singly! If you stay in chicksands for longer than 10 minutes you will stay in brand new en-suite accomodation, fully furnished with sockets for internet and tv, double bed etc etc, and you pay £60 a month for the priviledge! It's all mixed accomodation as well!

    When you go out to a unit they may not have as good accomodation but you don't want to be segregating yourself from the people you work with at an early stage in your career! I love living in the block my chick stays with me all the time, we're always out on the beer, and the army isn't as **** as people think.

    So for fcuk sake experience the army first! Oh and can you get in the Int Corps with that Barb result?!
  11. You only need a 54 on the BARB for INT corps
  12. And A levels or have they dropped that as well?
  13. They prefer A-levels but i think you can get in without them.

    i'd just like to add that I have applied for the INT corps, got 92 on the BARB and do in fact have A-Levels
  14. Well good luck to you, when i did my Barb (pull up sandbag), you couldn't get 92 as highest score was 80! I thought i was a right smart arse when i joined up with A levels. That was until i got to ATR Winchester and half my troop had Degrees!
  15. what the f*ck is BARB? does this mean they have closed down sutton coldfield then? :) sandbag indeed...