Living in the UK compared to Germany

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by 18yrs_on, Mar 26, 2005.

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  1. Posted back to the UK?
    Why when it is actually cheaper to live in most of our friendly foriegn countries than in the UK do we recieve LOA?
    Shouldnt we recieve this for living at home as it works out alot more expensive to move back. :cry:
  2. I find it cheaper in UK for day to day stuff. Farmers markets, Tesco blue and white, you can pick up a crate of carlsburg for a tenner in the supermarket etc. For day to day shopping its no more expensive, if not cheaper.

    What i find the hardest is taking the tax free car with the totally inappropriately sized engine to the petrol station. Its absolutely horrendous, 83p a litre at the moment, compared to 12p ish tax free in Germany. And dont get me started on tobacco.

  3. Boney. you'll get a crate of Becks over here for less than a tenner. On the forecourt of the same place where we buy our tax free petrol! Beer on a garage forecourt........just wouldn't happen in the UK, it would be robbed.

    Last week, I went out for a bit of lunch with one of my mates. Large Pizza, decent sized pasta dish, two half litres of ale and two 'proper' coffees. 19 Euros (about 14 quid?) . That's par for the course as well . Quality scoff as well, none of this heated up shite you get in the UK.

    If I wanted to, I could afford to eat out everyday over here and we're not talking McDonalds or the local Gyros Station either.

    As for Tesco, **** them, get your arrse into the Marktkauf, REAL or even the LIDL. No contest. I'm living off my LOA and my wifes wage over here, and we've still got some left in the kraut account at the end of the month.
    I'll be sorry to leave when we go.

    If you smoke, tax free tabs. Ale in the Mess is cheap as well.

    Like 18 yrs said, it's cheaper to live over here than it is in the UK. Just avoid the NAAFI. Shit service and high prices.
  4. Biscuits, i've spent the majority of my adult life abroad, mostly das fatherland. I was making a point that it doesnt have to be the nightmare that everyone makes out living back in uk. As long as you come back and realise that you have to adjust your lifestyle somewhat, you should be fine.

    I also pointed out where it hit me most, petrol and fags. Fortunately like the vast majority of UK citizens, i know a bloke who knows a bloke. I get my baccy for about 2.50 a pack. Less than half price. I often wonder if the government cut the tax significantly whether they would generate more revinue. I dont know anyone who smokes who doesnt buy them off a bloke in the pub.

    I love the lifestyle in germany, but i'm at an age where i'm glad for the break from it and i'm looking to put down some roots.

    If only i could buy petrol without the fear of having to sell my arrse to texaco.

  5. You've got to admit though's good over here!
  6. Curse the closure of the military hospitals. Better remained used to expensive cars/petrol/booze etc..
  7. Oh yeah mate, what i wouldnt give for a decent Gyros, a "Germany style" pizza and a bar that doesnt shut due to a 1914 law designed to stop munitions workers being pished at work (as far as i'm aware, germany didnt have that law and came close to kicking our arrse twice!!).

    I do love being in Germany, but for the first time since i joined i'm happy to be at home. Dont get me wrong, if the next tour offered is Germany, i'll bite their hand off.

  8. I whined like fcuk about being in Germany but looking back it was by far the best place to be.

    At seventeen I could Afford and Audi Coupe and insure it and fill it with petrol and still have enough pennies to get leashed every weekend and fill the car with lads and sod off somewhere new

    Coming back to the UK negged me out in a big way and in reality was the beginning of the end of my military career.

    The Uk regiments lacked the comradery and 'all in it together' attitude and it was too easy to sod off home at weekends

    Its now with fondness and a slightly lumpy throat I recall the laughs and pals made in BAOR
  9. been here in Germany for a few months although the loa looks good in the bank, the living in the the UK was better!

    a high % of people do after hours work, be it HGV, WAREHOUSE, HYSTER , SERCURITY WORK........

    gives you something to do on week ends at nights and during leave, in good old Germany i have to spend all my spare time doing PT just to keep off all that cheap booze and takeaways!!!!
  10. boney_m.
    Yeh adjust your lifestyle.
    We serve all over the world and go to some pretty sh1tty places and yes Germany is good financially but why should we suffer when we have to return to the UK.
    As I return i will have to pay
    1.Gas bill - £30-40 a month)
    2.Electric bill - (£30 a month)
    3. Road tax - £ 110+ every six months
    4. More for fuel - 83p per litre compared to 43p litre
    5. TV Licence - £35 per quarter
    6. Smoking at £5+ per packet
    7. Drink - Dont know will have to go back to meths
    So it does work out that people are worse off.
    My missus losses her job in the school cos she has to follow me which is well paid becos of posting she cant claim umemployment benefit as she gave up her job. wont get job seekers allowance either.
    7 years experience and qualification down the drain as the new places schools only employ locals as army spouses move on too regularily.
    God I'm really turning into a bitter and twisted sad old git.
    But them the facts me laud as I swears on the Old testament.

    Mary had a little lamb its fleece was stained and bloody.
    "Mary what have I told you about playing with that cleaver"
    "Oh ya gowin ta get a right royal kicking young lady"
  11. Boney,

    news on the street is that the LOA team are setting off worldwide in Apr & LOA is going to get slashed.

    Already announced that COLA for civvies in Germany will drop by 40% from 1 Oct & LOA will follow. Rumour is that LOA to fall by up to 20% in Oct for marrieds, little change for singlies. Second large chop next Jan for all.

    After that - Fally or Tidworth ? it will be touch & go.
  12. Bit of a shame that, mind you I don't think I'd miss 20% that much.

    As a purely irrelevant matter, I've just eaten a huge gyros mit salat und zatziki and I feel as fat as BBC. F&ck it was good. Cheap as well. Best of all I drove up to get it in my tax free auto.
  13. my tuppence worth,

    as a singly just moved to germany, i feel i need the loa for:

    the fact my car insurance has rocketed(I`m a young male)
    New mobile phone as UK one costs loads
    getting a landline put in and the monthly cost of that
    really poor internet in gutersloh....

    but booze is cheap!

  14. My wife is a civvie doctor so we are considerably better off if she remains in the U.K. I loved Germany as it gave me a bit of peice and quiet while I was there aswell as a bit more freedom to do my own thing for a while.

    You can live fairly cheaply in the u.k if you don't run a car, drink, smoke. I agree with biscuits that the beer is cheap enough at the supermarket but even in the north you're looking at £2.50 a pint these days in the Pub.

    What I really fancied was the Cyprus posting but it never happened.

    A mate from siggies was sent to the Falklands for six months - he PVR'd on return to the UK and said he'd never been as bored in his life. In comparison Germany has got to come out favourite. There are plenty of bars, you can get in a motor with your mates and go to France, Holland, denmark for a weekend. I enjoyed it.
  15. Totally not impressed with the UK - not been based there for last 7 out of 12 years and get a sinking feeling when going back - transiting through London destroys the contents of your wallet in a matter of seconds, mouldy old sandwich a magazine a drink and a packet of tabs at Gatwick, and there goes 20 quid!

    Definately need a living at home allowance! Expensive houses and bills, no medical for your family, no atmosphere on the weekends - everyone buggers off.