living in spain

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by jimmi1, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. i have been living in spain since i was 14 im now 21 and moving back to England soon to join the army,do you think this will cause a problem when the AFCO try to check my background.
  2. It might just take longer.
    I was in the regs moved to France then joined the ACF as a AI it took 5 months to get cleared.
    Best of luck
  3. will they check my background from spain
    eg. check my old school
    check to see if i have been in trouble with the police
    check previous employment
  4. Why? have you something to hide?
  5. Do you speak Basque???
  6. You say trouble with the police, I have been in trouble with the police.
    Don't worry about it

  7. depends what sort of trouble with the police really.
  8. Probably best you change your daughter's name from Madeleine though.
  9. Ouch!!! Hehehe!
  10. I know of guys who joined the RN who had been living in France and Ibiza for a good amount of time (2 years +) prior to joining up-you shouldn't have any snags.

    But I'd dump the body prior to submitting your application...
  11. No, he should just get that eye sorted out.
  12. not to much trouble just minor offences here and there
  13. Don't worry if its only minor it should be ok.
  14. what about previous employment do they need to check up to see if you do a good job like they would in England