Living in Retirement in Cyprus

I note that if you become a permanent resident in Cyprus you have to pay tax on all income, worldwide. Obviously the UK State Pension would be classed as income as it is in the UK as would bank interest, but is a War Pension and/or AFCS GIP taxable in Cyprus despite it not being so in the UK? Also, are service invaliding pensions taxable in Cyprus?
Not sure if this will shed any light

Cyprus: tax treaties

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I thought personal pensions where taxed at 5%.
Any update on the property situation?

Currently can’t decide between Spain.. high tax, wealth tax and low property value. Or cyprus, low tax and what seems like high property value
I like Cyprus very much, but consider the purchase of property there a step too far.

I prefer the 'swallows' concept (ooh err missus) of retirement summers in UK and flitting to warmer climes for the winter, returning in the spring time.

The idea of grabbing wallet, passport and a bag and high tailing it out if things go Pete Tong is quite appealing.

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