"Living In" - Respect for Soliders in Single Accn

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by TheKnave, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. TheKnave lives in single accn attached to the Sgts' Mess of a phase two establishment. I am in my 30s, have never been married and my entire life is in my room.

    It has come to light recently that the contractors in charge of repair and upkeep to our block can go into our rooms without warning, escort or notification to the occupant.

    I have raised my concerns to the chain of command and the circumstances are being investigated.

    In the meantime, can any ARRSErs come up with rules, regulations and stautory rights in MOD accn. I only want 24 hours notice of the entry (in writing) as is afforded to other tenants under the Housing Act. This is so I can put away my bills, personal mail etc.

    Edited to take away any alusion to soldiers having rights or any weak attempts at humour
  2. Dont know the regs, sorry. But until you have it sorted, buy yourself a lock insert that prevents them unlocking the room.

  3. I was going to reply to this post with, " its the armed forces, not civi street"

    But thought no, some moany git will have a go at me.

    So I shall answer it in the manner it seems to work on here.

    You are living in military accomodation, owned by the MOD, supplied to you by the QM dept.
    You dont have a tenancy agreement, nor are you a private tenant.
    You pay a minimal amount of "rent" shall we say, for the said accomodation, and you want rights to stop people entering who have a key?
    Get a grip

    If your room has your kit scattered all over it, ie porn, soggy tissues, etc etc, then your problem isnt unknowns access, its your personal hygene and basic kit managment skills that need addressing.

    What has become of the armed forces? tenants rights? for gods sake, you will be wanting personal trainers and jamie oliver to cook your meals next.
  4. Its not fair but nows the chance to snap up a bargain bachelor pad, plenty of cheap apartments floating about
  5. Gren I agree with you. However when I was in Germany , living in the block, in the early eighties we had room entrances by contractors published on part2 orders 24 hours in advance. That way you had time to stash the frankie etc etc.
  6. Take it that you are a Star Trek fan & speak Klingon :sleepy:
  7. And for me too mate, but thats down to the unit, if they dont inform the lads, then its their problem.
    Im just amazed with the sort of things that get asked, It cant have changed that much since I left surely?
  8. I have a bit of sympathy here,block inspections ect fine...but why should he have to put up with some civvy c*nt pitching up unannounced to his w@nk chariot?

    It's little niggling things like this,that can add to a blokes disenchantment with the mob.Some heads up or common courtesy is not being unreasonable.

    Can I ask are the pads in the same situation?
  9. Yeh he'd be better off marrying early, it always works out so well in the Army! :twisted:
  10. Only if there is a box of OMO washing powder in the kitchen window. :twisted:
  11. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    As far as I can remember (because I have not read my 'tenancy agreement' since I signed it), as a pad, we are obliged to allow official workmen and inspectors into our MQ but it has to be at a mutually agreeable time. We cannot refuse them entry altogether. We do get notice.

    I think it only fair singlies get fair warning of an impending maint visit but you cannot stop them entering your room.
  12. Having read that sentence the only thing my childish brain can come up with is 'You bagless cnut!'

    No need to thank me.
  13. Gren: believe it or not, but the Army has changed in the last 121 years since you served.

    Rent is not "minimal": it is rapidly being brought up to commercial levels (non-London levels thankfully). It will soon make little financial difference to a soldier whether he lives in the block or shares a house/flat in town.

    As rent is paid, the occupants have full rights as described under relevant tenant/landlord legislation.
  14. Not the marrying type :D ya big beefer
  15. Some nice comments, thank you.

    I used the example of catchrags to try and inject some humour. My point is why should a civvie contractor who I do not know have access to my personal living space where I could be reasonably be expected not to have to lock everything I own away in a locked drawer when I have a locked door. No I do not speak Klingon or do I bat for the rainbow bus.

    Gone are the days where all an individual has in a room is bed locker and 1157. I own a lot of electrical equipment and I own several guitars.

    The room is quite small and I keep my quite expensive bike behind the door. If you don't klnow its there you could damage it opening the door.

    If someone is coming to look at an electrical problem, I would unplug things, a plumbing problem I would make sure nothing is in the way of the water (like my laundry basket that lives in the shower agin due to limited space).

    This is not a rant about ownership. This is requesting that respectful notice is given before my personal living space is entered by some civvie contractor unsupervised with a master key.