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Hi, my husband is in the REME and we have been discussing a possible posting to Germany and would like to know where would be the best places to live for a young family as our daughter is approaching 2 years old.
Any advice and help would be appreciated, thanks.
Never mind the unit or location - just get out here. It's not much cheaper to live here these days but it's certainly worth experiencing while it lasts.
Unless things have changed a lot in recent years he won't have much choice, so nor will you ;-)

But I'd second what others have said about going for it regardless, the more so as the chance won't be there for much longer.

And try to be an atypical army wife, in the sense of going to German classes and being as much in the real Germany as poss. All too many forces personnel and spouses come back from the country having lived in a little army bubble.
What's in paderborn?
were not sure yet what is going to become available as he's on his class 1 at the moment. I just want to know general areas and what's around
What do you mean "What's around"?

Paderborn was great, but I enjoyed Hohne as well. A lot of places are scheduled to shut, but the Army way is normally to go where you are told to and make the most of it.

Paderborn is fairly central, has a decent sized town with plenty of German stuff (google Libori Fest). Depending on where you are housed (Sennelager, Bad Lippspringe, Schloss Neuhaus or Padeborn - maybe Detmold) then your local facilities vary.
If you want some constructive advice - learn German!...If you don't, then you're in for a miserable time here!
Dussledorf or Monchengladbach are a good bet, as the are semi-near Holland, Belgium, France and a whole lot of Germany. It's not as pretty as south Germany, but there is a whole lot more to do.
What ever do not live on the patch even if provided, and do put your children in a German school, so that they become bilingual
Above all have a great time, live long and enjoy yourselves.

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