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Following on from the hooha in the Naafi about Airsofters, ive seen an increase in people calling the aforementioned walts, without actually understanding what they do.

Many Veterans, like what these groups do, its nice for them to see they havent been forgotten. So many feel that someone out there is taking the time and trouble to show what they did.

Yes a lot of living historians are on the portly side, do look as though their kit is 3 sizes to big, but its being forgotten that if it wasnt for these groups that the majority of people wouldnt see a thing about the Veterans except for films on TV, the kids love it too, like messing about with guns.

Actually a few years ago at Arnhem, the party of Joes i was doing a tour for, loved it when i got them to look around the jeeps and handle the kit, suprised actually, but not one thought it geeky or walty.
If you refer back to my post on NAAFI, I omit most re-enactors from the Walt label, though I have my doubts about some of the SS groups, especially when it was shown that they had been joined by members of 'real' right wing or neo-Nazi groups. I am sure that many are harmless and self-police, but by definition they will attract pucka Hitler wannabes, whereas say Fairfax's New Model Army re-enactors will not.

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