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Just spotted this in the Current Bun.

Human dolls no longer best of friends after fallout | The Sun |News

TWO celebratory 'human dolls' have shocked their legions of fans after a high-profile falling out.

Wannabe Barbie Valeria Lukyanova and Anastasiya Shpagina, who tries to look like a anime fairy, often enjoyed TV appearances and photoshoots together.

But the Ukrainian pair, who transformed their bodies look like plastic playthings, are no longer pals after an online spat played out publicly on social networks.

The row kicked off when only Anastasiya was asked to attend an interview with Japanese journalists.

Valeria replied to the news by asking: "Did they ask about me? I’m the world’s most popular Barbie, it’s strange they didn’t ask about me.”

The women then accused each other of arrogance.
And some piccies...




Gotta be seriously weird sleeping with either of 'em...


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